I am thankful for:

  • A good conversation and an early morning drive
  • The opportunity to teach others, the opportunity to learn from others
  • Earning through teaching
  • Witnessing the beauty of the horizon in dusk
  • Inspiration to write
  • Rest
  • Funny sounds of SIMS
  • Free WiFi
  • Call from the bank ;-)
  • Yummy dinner and tres leches (again?!)
  • Movie date threesome! hahaha! Ninong ba o Ninang si Law?
  • My brother’s new company
  • My honey for being funny! :D and H.O.T. !
  • Stories of Mark Tajiri
  • Witnessing the energy of GM
  • Jollibee Hashbrown burger (burp!)
  • Hawaiian burger
  • 4 days on this habit of gratitude
Count our blessings each and every day!

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