I am grateful for these blessings that God has given me today:

  • Getting up out of bed excited to start the day!
  • Cookies (from atchi) in milk. Great way to start the day!
  • A dress coat from PMA that I’m still able to wear today. I remember how good it felt to wear that tailor-fit coat for the first time.
  • Parking spaces from heaven. :-) (The trick is to smile and *expect* a surprise!)
  • Happy energetic staff of 249 greeting us this morning.
  • Breakfast of sausages and fried rice.
  • Theoretical awareness of great ways to conduct the seminar, as well as areas of improvement.
  • Fun intention mechanism.
  • Shares of the students.
  • Shares of the staff.
  • Seeing good friends at PSI!
  • Mystica being a good partner in our easel and posters tandem.
  • Helping my micro buddies Gino, Juakim, Tony, Claudette and Maricar clarify their goals and bring out the Kilig in dreaming once again.
  • Being aware of my programs (how critical and self-critical I am stems from the same program. Let’s develop a habit of gratitude ;-) ).
  • Being purposeful with clarifying goals.
  • Being purposeful with writing posters.
  • Making a decision to give HOT feedback on Sunday.
  • Texting my micro buddies.
  • Dancing like there is no one watching.
  • Learning the importance of selecting runners for the game.
  • Being accepting of other people’s being. :-)
  • Shakeys!
  • Learning to reply “You’re welcome!” or “My pleasure!” when I am appreciated/commended.

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