UPSCAI joined the UP Student Catholic Action in 1993. Being an UPSCAn had such a huge impact on my life. A big part of my core values as an adult came from what I learned and experienced through UPSCA.

I was asked to speak at the cell supervisor’s training this Saturday, June 21, for the topic “Being an UPSCAn“.

I have a few thoughts to share at that talk.
But then I’m sure many UPSCAns have many other thoughts to share to cell supervisors in-training.

I thus invite UPSCAns to share their one-line reflection on this question:

What is the essence of Being an UPSCAn?

Think about it. Feel it. Then write a comment to contribute your one-line response.

After your one-liner, feel free to greet, explain, express, reminisce, shout out, thank, bump, joke, reflect, squeak, play, pray.

I’ll share your reflections at the CS Training. :-)

ka edong
UPSCAn magpakailanman

6 thoughts on “Essence of Being an UPSCAn

  1. UPSCA enhanced my spiritual development and gave me a better understanding of Philippine Society through Barrio Work, weekly Saturday visits to children at Balara and other outreach programs. Wherever I am, I still remember to “Do Good, Live Simply and Pray.”

  2. We move through the world and the different moments of our lives, and realities of our world… they give us unbelievable joy and inescapable grief. And when we dare to process them, it is never painless… but in the end it reaffirms what we begin and end with… love… for self, for others, for God. Despite of and because of everything, there is love. (sorry hindi one liner…)

  3. To do what’s right despite of the inconvenience. (captures the essence of upholding and fighting for Truth, Freedom, Justice (through) Love)

    Lisaflor ’98s last blog post..

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