My personal 90-day goal:

I have mind, body and heart wellness to conquer a 42 kilometer marathon exhibiting my self-love and purposefulness by 6 January 2008.

On September 23, I decided on this goal of conquering a marathon. I’ve been wanting to do a marathon for a long time.

My inspiration was renewed when I read about Procter & Gamble CEO James Michael Lafferty’s advocacy for running marathons. James explains:

The minute you cross the finish line you become part of a very elite club. Something like 99.9 percent of the world will never do (but they can). This builds confidence and perseverance like nothing I have seen.

People change from ‘pre-marathon’ to ‘post-marathon.’ They believe in themselves at a new level. They learn to stick with things more, their perseverance extends. I have seen it with hundreds of marathoners I have coached all over the world. They become better in all walks of life….

I was further inspired by the marathon of my online friend Anton! Anton dedicated his first marathon to the Kythe Foundation. Awesome!

When I read these articles many months ago, I thought to myself: “I could do this! I’d like to do a marthon!”

And I shall! On December 2, 2007, I shall conquer my first marathon!

Through this marathon, I want to develop in my self the heart, mind and body wellness and show my biggest fan (“Me!”) my self-love and purposefulness.

I will be running for advocacies close to my heart: education and financial literacy for Filipinos (more details later).

This is not just a physical marathon. This is a marathon of my heart and mind as well. And this is just the start!

With a little (a lot!) help from family, friends and new friends, I shall conquer my first marathon.

Join me!

ka edong
purposeful penguin

3 thoughts on “Edong’s mind, body and heart marathon

  1. Hi Cesar!
    In fact I did. I ran my first marathon in Singapore (Dec 5, 2007). Second in CamSur (2009) and another with The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (2012). Looking for my next big physical milestone.

    Now, my current 90 day goal is to be married to my best friend on April 6, 2012 ;-) . 88 days to go!

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