Rezza and I were the Valle Verde country club this morning for Day 2 of our Easter Retreat dubbed “Total – Secrets of big returns“. This is a retreat by the Light of Jesus led by Bo Sanchez.

The retreat covered the topics: “Give Total”, “Give Time”, “Give Talents” and “Give Tythes”.

Today, BGC Feast builder George Gabriel was sharing a message about giving Glory to our good God by giving our talents.

Your talents are God’s gift to you. How you use your Talents is your gift to God.

At one point, George asked for volunteers to go up near the stage in front of an audience of 1,000+ people. Without hesitation, I ran from the back row all the way to the front. All seven of us volunteers were lined up facing the audience as if we were in a game show :D . George approached me first and asked this question: “What is your talent?

I wasn’t ready for the question. I hesitated. First thing I thought was to be funny: “Kaya kong kumain ng apoy!” or “Kaya kong pumalakpak gamit ang isang kamay lang.”

After some thinking, what I did reply was: “Kaya kong bigyan ng bagong kahulugan ang pangalan ng tao.

And, just like that, I had declared to more than a thousand strangers what has been occupying a part of my mind and heart for the past few months … actually, for the past 10 years.

This talent I declared is for a book I am writing entitled: “Pangalang Pinoy. Your Name. Your Destiny.

Pangalang Pinoy by edWIN S. Soriano
Pangalang Pinoy by edWIN S. Soriano

George assigned me to his “Creatives Ministry” and continued to assign the other volunteers to the different ministries in the community that George was building. Message: “Return to God the talents He has given you.


Sharing my talent for names

Later on in the retreat, I was in a sharing group together with two newfound friends.

  • Jo was an overseas volunteer worker who was assigned in Indonesia and East Timor.
  • Raymond is a nurse for intensive care pediatric patients and terminally ill cancer patients at PGH.

After our sharing, they both asked me about my talent with names. I gave them a few examples.

edWIN – I told Jo and Raymond that my name is edWIN. I then explained to them that there is an affirmation within my name. I wrote down my name on my notebook: “edWIN” . And instantly, they understood. Raymond blurted out: “Winner!” Yes, I am edWIN, I am a Winner!

Dolores – I asked Jo and Raymond if they knew anybody named Dolores. They both said yes. I asked them if they knew what Dolores means. I shared that last night at the way of the cross, the title at the start of the path read: “Via Doloroso” which meant “The Way of Sorrow”. “Dolores” means “Sorrow”. In this modern time, would you name your child Sorrow?

Amorsolo – Last example, I asked Jo and Raymond what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the name: “Amorsolo”? Raymond said: kapanahon ni Rizal. The most typical answer is “painter”. Jo replied: “Love”. Jo got it right!
Amor = Love. Solo = One. Amorsolo = One Love. 

They loved it! They were delighted with the talent I described. They asked me how I give meaning to people’s names. I said it takes a short interview. It actually starts with the person’s name and what it means to that person. I then continue to understand the person a bit more and find words or meanings that resonate with the person’s character or values.

We gave it a shot for Raymond and Jo’s names.


“Raymond” and “Jo” renewed

Raymond – Raymond’s name was given to him by his mother based on the Catholic name book and his birthday. I suggested that “Ray” can mean “you’re a Ray of light” or a “Ray of love”. I suggested this because Ray was a nurse who took to heart the role of giving love to his patients. Jo suggested that “mond” mean “mundo” or “world”.
Therefore, Raymond = Ray of Love for the World.

Jo – Josephina’s full name comes from the names of her mother and father. Jo also described how she help communities build their own capacity. She described how she chose to be positive even when her subordinate was being mean to her. told Jo that she can choose to use the name “Joy”, a person who is joyful and spreads the joy of serving.

Both of them were happy with the new awareness about their names. Raymond told me: “I’ll remember you for that” and promised to buy my book when it comes out. Fun!


Autograph your work

At the retreat, Rezza and I met a budding young actress named Angel Movido. She’ll be coming out in a movie entitled “Anino” next week. Angel’s brother, Johan, plays the violin and is studying to become a world-class chef ;-) . I told both Angel and Johan about a quote I once read about a baseball star who said: “It is important for kids in little league to learn the skill of signing their autograph on baseballs.” In essence, today start acting as if you have achieved your goals. 

Both Rezza and I asked for autographs from actress Angel and world-class chef Johan. ;-) . They were embarrassed at first, and later gave in when they saw that we were seriously asking for their autographs!

In a similar way, I decided that I’d prepare myself to sign autographs for my book! :D . And to make things more exciting, I decided that I’d practice giving Bo Sanchez a signed copy of my book!

After the retreat, I lined up to meet Bo. I told him that I had a gift I wanted to give him. I told him that the gift was still being made – a book that’s being written. I explained what my book was about. I asked him about his name and what it means to him. I told him that I’d love to include his name in my book. I also asked if he would write a line or two so I could quote him on my book. He agreed. Yey! :D

edWIN Soriano, Author of Pangalang Pinoy, giving an autograph to Bo Sanchez
edWIN Soriano, Author of Pangalang Pinoy, giving an autograph to Bo Sanchez


I’m currently writing Pangalang Pinoy. Pray for me that this I am able to write and publish this book in 2012.

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