Mom at 7 years young
Mom at 7 years young

Dear Mom,
Thank you for all these years that you took care of me, prayed for me, was there as a friend, to give advise, to listen.
Thank you for your patience, your understanding.
Thank you for all your pasalubongs and bilins. I feel your love with all of these.
Thank you for your love that envelopes me everywhere I go, everytime.

Dear Lord,
Today, I thank You in a very special way for making my mom my mom.
Mom is perfect as is where is.

Gratitude Journal Oct 29.

I am grateful for:

  • Waking up early to prepare for mom’s birthday celeb.
  • Friends and family coming together to celebrate my mom’s birthday.
  • A beautiful birthday celebration for Mom on her 70th birthday. I love you mom!
  • Hearing stories and messages about my Mom. Always nice to get to know mom from other people’s perspective.
  • Songs for mom.
  • My brother Keric hosting the event. Funny guy :D .
  • My father singing for mom.
  • My brother Kelmer sharing a story and playing the flute upon mom’s request; and Eleonor taking fun photos of the celebration.
  • My sister Atchi, KRC, Andrei and Cali putting together a home-cooked presentation from way down under.
  • My girlfriend Rezza for coordinating all the details of the celebration. You know everything indeed!
  • The wonderful slideshow of mom. I enjoyed putting it together and presenting it. ;-)
  • The Pink Sisters Choir especially Mr. Sabater, Tita Lita and Julius for graciously sharing their gift of music.
  • Seeing mom joyful with the presence of her many good friends and relatives, some all the way from Dagupan.
  • Great staff at Citylight Hotel especially Adrian, and punong abala. We appreciate the excellent service and sumptuous food! Great job, guys!
  • Spending time with Cielo, Atchi Digna and pamangkins.
  • Re-visiting the cemetery of negativism.
  • Fun photo with the totem pole.
  • Tour of the Bell House and Historical core.
  • Good brushing up with a little of history, and some exercise too.
  • Date with Rezza at PNKYs.
  • Ginger lemongrass tea!
  • Tofu nuggets! Chocolate cake.
  • More birthday food for lunch and dinner! yey! ;-)

Time for sleep! Smile!


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