Hi. I created a Qik group so Pinoys can share their live videos for Cory. http://tinyurl.com/CoryVideos

Cory Videos on Qik
Cory Videos on Qik

Not yet a Qik User?

  1. See if your phone is supported here.
  2. If your phone is supported, install qik on your phone. See “Setting-up qik: A Guide for the Videographers” in this article.
  3. Now you’re a Qik user. Follow the instructions below.

Already a Qik user?

  1. Login to your Qik account
  2. Go to this group within Qik: http://www.qik.com/groups/6108 (short-cut: http://tinyurl.com/CoryVideos)
  3. Click on “Join Group” on the left side of the window.
  4. Click Edit Profile > Groups
  5. Under Group Name select the name of the group
  6. Click Automatically share to this Group

From hereon, your Qik Videos will be seen on http://tinyurl.com/CoryVideos (Please limit your Qiking to Cory videos only).

Good reading: See the “Some Suggestions section” of this article.

Let’s keep it clean, mga Kabayan. Respeto natin para kay Tita Cory.


ka edong

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