Below, My Christmas card 2008 , my gift for YOU: “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch and a few reflections to share

Dear friend,

This December, after three years in Intel, I took a big leap ahead and became “me na me” at Smart Communications. I manage Internet Partnerships and help Filipinos tap into the abundance of mobile Internet.

For a very long time, I’ve wanted to create mobile technologies to serve the Filipinos. This opportunity with Smart came at such a perfect time, I watch in awe at the greatness of God’s plans!

There is another experience this year that helped me see the beauty in God’s work.

On April 21, 2008 at 6:24 in the morning, I died.

I was in a car accident of my own doing. I was driving to work in Cavite. I heard a loud crash, felt the car jump more than 3 feet up in the air, tilted on its side. For a very vivid moment, I thought the car would turn on its side. The car found its way back to the solid ground and screeched to a halt at the side of the road.

Miraculously, I came out of the accident unscathed. I stayed very calm and level-headed the rest of the day managing car repairs and insurance concerns.

After a long overdue rest at my Cavite home, I got up to write an email to my family. Only then did it dawn on me:  I could have died.

Edwin Leaving his mark -- It's great to be alive!
Edwin Leaving his mark -- It's great to be alive!

Worse, I could have hurt other people in that accident.
I thank the good Lord for seeing me through that experience.

Today, I grab every opportunity to rejoice in this new lease on life knowing that we will be on this good earth for just a while, to learn, to grow, and to touch other people’s lives.

This close encounter with death is one reason I feel so much for the Internet phenomenon Randy Pausch. Being fully aware of his impending death, Randy gave his “Last Lecture” about “achieving your childhood dreams”. The lecture was so popular that it spread like wildfire on the Internet.

Sharing Randy Pausch’s lecture is my Christmas gift to you.
Visit to read more about Randy Pausch and watch the full video about “how to lead your life”. Highly recommended! Watch with your family!

A few reflections by Edwin on Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture”

People are more important than things.
There’s no need to scold a child for breaking your cellphone. It doesn’t cost much to replace a cellphone. But to break a child’s heart can cost a lifelong negative impact.

Last month, I took much effort preparing a nice gwapo shirt for my interview on the TV show “Mornings @ ANC”.  I had my website “” embroidered on my shirt for quick visibility on screen.

To make the embroidered text less stiff, my mother to trimmed the backside of the embroidery. But doing so, she accidentally cut holes on my shirt! My brand new spiffy gwapo shirt had holes! She apologized profusely.

But I told her, “don’t worry mom, I love you so much more than the shirt!”
Gwapo shirt = replaceable.
Mom = priceless! :-)

A huge stuffed animal halfway across the globe.
Randy Pausch describes his fascination for huge stuffed animals he won at theme parks. He said: “it’s easy to spot the coolest guy in the theme park. Whoever had the biggest stuffed animal, he was the coolest guy.”

I remember when I was around 6 years-old, my parents came back from the US with Christmas gifts for me and my siblings. My brothers and sister got electronic gadgets – a radio clock, a pocket radio and a waaay cool walkman!

And *all* I got was stuffed toy. I was envious of my siblings’ electronic gifts. I was stuck with a huge yellow stuffed dog, almost 3 feet tall whom I named “Hotdog”.

As I read Randy’s fascination about huge stuffed animals, I realized how much it meant for my parents to bring home that huge stuffed animal for me. Hotdog must have occupied half of my parents’ luggage space. Who would be insane enough to bring a humongous stuffed animal halfway across the globe? Well, my parents were!

With this realization after reading Randy’s story a few days ago, I picked up the phone and called my parents. Although it was two decades late, I thanked my parents for bringing me a huge stuffed animal halfway across the globe.

It’s never too late to say “thank you” and “I love you”.

This Christmas, may we find time to thank all those who touched our lives, past, present and future.
I thank YOU, my friend, for being part of my life.

I pray that you & your family will find peace, growth & happiness in what truly matters in our short life on earth.

A Merry and Meaningful Christmas to you and your family!

Edwin “Ka Edong”

12 thoughts on “Christmas 2008 – A gift of life

  1. I saw him on Oprah. Really inspiring.
    Simple lang slides pero ganda ng message… Thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. Ngayon ko pa lang nabasa ang story from your perspective.

    Your Randy Pausch book is still with me dito sa baguio. Pinag-pi-piyestahan ng pamilya yung book :D .

    Thanks, Michelle! And See you! :D

  3. Hey Chris!
    You are too!
    Ika nga ng foster tatay namin sa Cuyo: “Everybody is unique …. just like everybody else! ” hehehe .

    You in the US yet? Kailan start studies mo?
    Maligayang Pasko!


  4. I was lucky enough to have Mr. Pausch in class. I am so glad the world has had a chance to discover this wonderful man before he passed.

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