How much time do you spend playing games on your phone, iPad or on FB?
How good are you at getting bonus points?

How much time do you spend with your loved ones?
How do you spend your time with your loved ones?

I recently learned a simple lesson, and I took action to start living the lesson.

Whether you spend your time with games or with your loved ones or both — make it a conscious choice.
Because you may be living on bonus without being aware of it.

Bonus Years with My dad (Lolo Tony) and Mom (Lola Babes)
Bonus Years with My dad (Lolo Tony) and Mom (Lola Babes), Christmas 2010 - Standing: Kookie (w/ Keith), Kyle, Ylisah, Elmer, Anna, RC; seated: Edwin, Cali, Lola Babes (with Baby Boo!), Lolo Tony, Eric, Andrei (Not in photo: Eleonor)

Bonus Years

My parents and siblings have been reminding me to visit Baguio more often to spend time with my parents. With the Online business I’ve setup, I could reasonably say that my time is more flexible compared to my employee days. I could, in fact, spend more time with my parents in Baguio. But I hadn’t, because of a few commitments in Manila.

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to baguio with friends Gen and Allan. We went to Baguio for an ocular inspection in preparation for a 7-day live-in seminar: Heroic Leadership Class XXXII.

I was feeling a bit guilty because my parents have always been inviting me to visit them in Baguio. I would tell them that I have meetings to attend in Manila.

But there I was, at a moment’s notice, I made time to go to Baguio for the *work* I was doing for the seminar.

During that trip, Allan asked me how old my parents were. I said 70 and 71 . Allan replied: “Ang daming bonus!”

I thought he was referring to a salary or retirement bonus. But after clarifying, I realized he meant “Ang daming bonus years ng parents mo.” Allan’s parents passed away in their early 60’s. Comparing my parents to Allan’s parents, we could say my parents have 10 “bonus” years more than Allan’s parents.

That simple conversation made me realize a lesson I’ve long been ignoring – spend special moments with my parents.

Spend Bonus Time

This week, I was at Baguio to support the seminar as the Staff Director of Heroic XXXII. An honor it truly is to be part of this seminar. An honor to serve the Eagles as they spread their wings. An honor serving alongside the volunteer staff, the facilitators and all Eagles from past classes.

I also took time to be with my parents. I shared a special moment with my mother, a moment where our hearts and eyes spoke beyond what words can convey.

I had a one-on-one date with my dad too. He took me to “The Club” (Baguio Country Club) and we had a nice merienda, a few bottles of beer and many fun stories.

In my recent conversations with my parents, I learned their Love Language.
(The five love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch.  Go to for more details.)

My dad’s love language is Quality Time – now I understand the importance he puts in turning off the TV during our meals – he wants us to be here now.

My mother’s love language is Physical touch – When I embrace my mother, she would caress my back with her hand. And she loves kissing us kids (and apos) coupled with a smell (she inhales to smell us when she kisses us).

Friends, let’s remember to use our bonus time, and use it well with the Love Languages of our loved ones ;-) .

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  1. hi! saw ur post abt the w@ho of PLDT but it is way back years ago. im just wondering if you still have any information about w@ho because i have checked out the pldt page but cant get any information. your response will be greatly appreciated! :D

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