It was a weird day today.

Yesterday, I had made decisions where I chose to bite the ampalaya and face my fear.

Facing my fear was like eating ampalaya, knowing that it was going to be bitter, and also knowing that it was going to make things better.

Today, I was walking to one of my meetings. When I noticed that I was skippity skipping, and smiling as I hurried through the open lawn toward my destination.

Then I realized the lightness I felt, even if (perhaps *because*) I had finally stared my “ampalaya” (my fear) in the eye and ate it too.

And it was liberating.
It was liberating to not pretend that things are all nice and rosy.
It was liberating to not pretend that I had everything under control.
It was liberating just thinking of the possibilities of how to overcome my challenges. At least now I know in concrete terms (in concrete numbers) what my challenge is. I had avoided the issue long enough, and now I come face to face with the challenge.

Now I’m real to myself, honest to myself about my challenges. And it is liberating!

I shall face the music earlier and more often from hereon. It takes practice. Now let’s dance!


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