BAYANIhan Tayo!
BAYANIhan Tayo! (photo from

Hi Everybody! I’m Ka Edong, a Filipino helping fellow Filipinos amidst the storm around us.

I’ve been helping out for the typhoon victims mostly online by managing information through Twitter, Facebook and Google documents.

First, referral links to essential pages that provide more information on how YOU could help.
Second, a short rundown of what I’ve done (still doing) for people affected by the typhoon.


Ka Edong: BAYANI-han tayo!

  • I established this online document on Saturday evening, September 26. This was a response to all the information that people were passing along via twitter and SMS. There was a need to capture the information so that people can respond better.
    • Next step: Contact the people in the Missing/Found list, update status as “Safe” or “Rescued”. For eventual closure (freeze) of this document.
  • @ka_edong on Twitter: I continue to provide Relief operations updates on Twitter.
  • Ka Edong on Facebook: I spread the word via fb as well. I connect with many more friends outside the country via facebook. Good for sharing videos, photos of the typhoon, as well as words of inspiration for our countrymen. You could help too by spreading the word among your friends.
  • ka edong on qik: I also post live mobile videos of the typhoon and the relief operations. Here’s one video of half-submerged buses

There are many more ways we all could help. Prayers, spreading the word, consoling people, inspiring people, donating. Prisoners in Cebu skipped a meal or two to donate for Ondoy victims! Sama sama tayo dito, BAYANI-han Tayo! :-)

God Bless the Philippines!

ka edong

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  1. my friends in Philippines were also victimized by the flooding caused by Typhoon Ondoy. i just hope that you guys could recover soon from this natural disaster. `

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