I was invited by Smart to give a presentation in Iloilo. It’s for a seminar workshop for student journalists. My talk was about: “Basic Blogging for student journalists.”

It was a good interactive presentation. Got people on their feet. Presented some case studies, many of which are close to my heart. And we got people thinking about what they can do as student journalists in the blogging space. We answered questions and I hope all these have helped the audience take home something useful and actionable.

Now sharing this presentation on Basic Blogging for Student Journalists.

This presentation provides case studies of how student journalists, professional journalists and citizen journalists can share their work through blogging.

Case studies include:

  • The Guidon – student paper of Ateneo de Manila University www.theguidon.com
  • The Philippine Online Chronicles – www.thepoc.net
  • Juanvote – www.juanvote.com
  • Citizen Journalist Ka Edong – www.edwinsoriano.com ; www.qik.com/ka_edong

The presentation ends with a discussion on specific questions from students in Region 6  – questions that will help them take action towards blogging as a student journalist or as a citizen.


Thank you Smart, PIA-6 and the students of Region 6. Bless you in your pursuit of truth and influence!



2 thoughts on “Basic Blogging for Student Journalists

  1. hi sir, hehe. im one of those young journalists kung saan naglecture po kayo sa PIA,, im so amazed po on how you earned sa pagbabloging, hehe and po i’ve learned so many many many many things po.. haha… i hope i could be like you po someday… weee… nice to meet you po idol.. =P

  2. Hi Jerick,
    glad to hear from the audience sa Bacolod/Iloilo. Keep on growing and you’ll find your way to earning (money and true wealth) ;-) .

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