David strapped Saul’s sword over the armor and tried to walk, but couldn’t, because he wasn’t used to wearing them.
“I can’t fight with all this,” he said to Saul. “I’m not used to it.”
1 Samuel 17:39

In the story of David and Goliath, there are so many details that can be sources for some magnificent lessons. In this verse, King Saul offered his very own coat of armor, helmet and sword for David to use.

But David knew himself, was honest to himself and chose to fight Goliath without an armor or sword, just 5 smooth stones and a sling.

Have you had experiences in the past where you were being asked to do something you didn’t want to do?  Or be someone you were not?

I’ve had many experiences like that and it was very uncomfortable. Like David, I almost couldn’t walk, because what was being asked of me — well, “It wasn’t me.”

I continue to receive challenges to do things I don’t want to do.

Reasons I don’t want to do things I am asked to do.
Warning: Only two of the reasons are right. 

  1. Principles – Sometimes, it’s just not aligned with my principles. For instance, when I’m asked to bribe, to be part of corruption, this makes me extremely uncomfortable. Because I know that Filipinos deserve better. It becomes a choice between keeping things the way it is (status quo), or to making things right (standing ground on no bribing, reporting the incident).
  2. No positive benefit – The other day, a friend asked me to do a task. I questioned the value behind the task. It turned out it wasn’t a necessary nor important task.
  3. Fear – the thing is out of my comfort zone and I’m afraid to do it. Often it’s because I’m afraid to fail or afraid to look bad.

I believe the first two reasons are truly justified. For these reasons, I choose not to do what is being asked of me. I believe David refused Saul’s armor and sword because (#2) there was no positive benefit to David.

BUT when I encounter fear (the third reason), I need to dig deeper and understand more of myself. For this third reason, often I need to “just do it”.

Three reasons when I decide to “just do it” despite the fear: 

  1. Growth – there is something for me learn, a space for me to grow. For the sake of growth, I would do something that I don’t want to do.
  2. Giving – there is something that someone else will benefit by me doing what I don’t want to do. In this case, I make it a sacrifice for the sake of being loving to someone else.
  3. Grace – I don’t deserve what I’m being asked to do. But I am being led by God. I do it anyway because this is me being obedient to my Lord. I do not need to understand with my mind. I just need to be at peace in my heart that the Lord is leading me.
Do or Not Do
Do or Not Do
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I believe David was attuned to the leading of the Lord, to the Grace of the Lord.

May we be honest with ourselves as David was.
May we be able to discern when to do and when not to do the things being asked of us.
May we listen to the leading of the Lord and open ourselves up to His Grace.

What are you being asked to do that you don’t want to do? Is it because of your Fear? Be honest with yourself.

Ka Edong

p.s. I have my story of Grace. And it will be published soon on a popular and highly circulated Magazine. I’m very excited about it ;-) . I’ll let you know when it’s out.

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