Steve Pavlina has a podcast about how to achieve your goals faster.

One way is to plot out all of the “to do’s” that lead to your goals and do them quickly.
There’s another approach that will help and it’s in the “mind” level, the way we think.

Explained …

Steve has many examples in his podcast, but he says the key message succinctly: “As within, so without.”

When you think and act like the person who has achieved his goal, it is easier to achieve the goal and you will achieve it more quickly.

For example, if your goal is to travel around the globe, you should ask yourself “how does a globe trotter think? How does he behave?” Then begin to (safely) act the way a globe trotter acts and thinks. What are the “side effects” of being a globe trotter? He is outgoing, well informed of world events or geography, open-minded etc. These are all behaviours or frames of mind that you can have right now! Begin having that frame of mind and behaviour and you will achieve your goal more easily and quickly!

Can you imagine a person who says “I want to be a good singer” but is ashamed of his voice? Is a good singer ashamed of his voice? Of course not! Then how can a person who is ashamed of his voice become a good singer? If you want to be a good singer, act the part now.


In the hit DVD documentary “The Secret”, this is what is called “congruence” when you align yourself with your intentions (your goals) and align yourself with all that the universe provides you to achieve your goal.

For example, I have a friend who told me about her My Phone. She purposely told me about it because she knew I write technology articles. This is the universe offering me a story on my blog. Today, that story about My Phone earns me a few cents each day. If I didn’t align myself with what the universe was giving me (i.e. a story from a friend), I would have missed an opportunity to be closer to my blog revenue goal.

The look and feel of BE-ing your goal

Steve also explains how we’ve encountered people before who, when they declare for example : “I quit smoking!” we know that they will fail. And the reason we know they will fail is because “the don’t get it” or they don’t exhibit the behaviours or the frame of mind that it takes to achieve their goal.

In one of the exercises we had in PSI, I found it amazing seeing and feeling a certain … “aura” in my teammates. Something that told me that “YES” they get it, they are what they say they are, they feel what they say they feel.

There is a certain connection with the way one behaves, the way one appears which I believe is a reflection of their sincere belief (or lack of belief) in themselves and in their goals.

I also realize now that herein also lies the importance of stating your goals in the present tense “I have $1,000 monthly ads revenue…” instead of the future tense “I will have” because the present tense goal statement puts you in the current state of mind that will help you achieve your goal faster.

Power of the Mind

This podcast reminds me about one of the very influential books I read on personal finance: “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker. The bottom-line of that book is to think like a millionaire and you will become a millionaire. One thing Eker encourages is to scream in jubilation: “I am a money-magnet” when you receive money, even if it’s just a 25 centavo coin that you find on the street. Millionaires attract wealth and screaming “I am a money-magnet” puts you in a frame of mind that you are indeed a money magnet.


I thus reflect now upon my goals and my beliefs about my goals as well as my thinking and attitude towards my goals. Do I truly believe I will achieve my goals? Do I act like the person who has achieved my goal? Do I align with my goal in my thinking and in my doing?

Am I in congruence with my goals?

Ah, beautiful when we “get it” ;-) !

As Within, So Without!

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