An Emotionally Charged Day! Thank You Lord for this day!
An Emotionally Charged Day! Thank You Lord for this day!

Thank You Lord! I am grateful for:

  • An early day! Like in Intel (almost)!
  • Accomplishing my mission today. I’ve taken the necessary steps to earn back my passive income.
  • Being firm and respectful.
  • Being on purpose.
  • Confronting my fear of rejection. Accepting that I am in the right position.
  • All the lessons I learned through Jen-Jen.
  • Seeing Tatay Rodolfo Madrinan and wife. Will contact Grace.
  • Rezza. Special lunch at Balinsasayaw.
  • Laing, Bird’s Nest soup, Pinaputok na Tilapia, Turon de Leche.
  • Destination wedding!
  • Being on purpose at Gen Tri Municipio.
  • Being blessed with Foreman Ronnie who has been a reliable ally in the business.
  • Safe trip.
  • Driving down memory lane from Intel days.
  • Seeing what’s left of Intel CV1 – rubble. Part of me is sad seeing this great factory on the ground. I will always be honored to have been a part of Intel!
  • Nice drive with Rezza, nice conversation.
  • A well written blogpost with a fun twist. Writing while it’s hot works!
  • Table, cooker, over, stove, more functional kitchen.
  • Honey. Muesli. Milk.
  • Part B speakers training.
  • Friendship renewed.
Love and Freedom is in the air!
I open myself to the unbounded, limitless abundance of God’s Universe!

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