My dad and I had a very honest, open and trusting conversation (HOT) today.

My dad is a very traditional person. I’ve come to accept that at his age of 71, he has a different world view compared to mine. I’ve accepted the fact that he has beliefs in his life that are different for my own beliefs in my life. We’ve learned to respect each other amidst our very different way of living our lives.

Sometimes my dad keeps his thoughts or feelings to himself. Sometimes he feels that I might feel bad about something he says – thus he chooses to not express his thoughts or feelings. This may be because in the past, I expressed disagreement or even disapproval of my dad’s opinions or thoughts. I realize now how I have contributed to my Dad’s misgivings about expressing his thoughts to me.

But today, with the encouragement of Keric, my dad expressed himself to me. Dad called me for a private conversation in his room and expressed his thoughts about how I use my time and energy.

I responded with three messages: 

First, I thanked dad for being honest and open to me. I believe my dad took a big risk because he stepped out of his comfort zone.

Second, I also told my dad that I have come to accept that there will be times that we will disagree, but it doesn’t mean we will become disagreeable.

Lastly, I told my dad that there is nothing in this world that he can say or do that will destroy my relationship with him. I reassured him that he will always be my father and I will not let anything destroy my relationship with him.

I saw a huge relief in my dad’s face. I saw how much he felt the reassurance. It was like a huge thorn was removed from his chest, now finally having the confidence to speak his mind and heart to me.

I’ve told my father I love him.
I’ve shown my father that I respect him.
And today, I have strengthened our relationship by reassuring him that he can tell me anything without feeling the risk of offending or hurting me.


Gratitude Journal, October 30.

I am thankful for these blessings. I accept and rejoice in these blessings. I am a grateful receiver. I deserve all the blessing that our good Lord showers me with!

  • Good sleep
  • Abundant breakfast
  • Fun stories over today’s meals with Mom, Dad, Kelmer, Keric and Rezza.
  • Funny kwentuhan over mis-adventures, fractures, faux pas, childhood fun stuff.
  • Stories that mom shared.
  • An honest, open and trusting conversation with Dad. Reassuring each other.
  • Having keric to decode and encode messages for Kelmer and myself.
  • Tam-awan village.
  • A very warm welcome and animated conversation with Ben-Hur, Boom and Gic. New insights into sculpture, dance, movements and giving our good Lord his “commission” :-) .
  • Date with Rezza at Will’s cafe. Understanding a little bit more about my flight.
  • Having a loving relationship with Rezza.
  • Music by Jon Schmidt. Annie Schmidt singing “I will”.
  • Watching Seven Swords with Dad, kelmer and Rezza, even if without Jet Li.


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