I just finished reading a book by Echo Bodine entitled “A Still, Small Voice – A Psychic’s Guide to Awakening Intuition”

This particular copy of the book has gone a long way. I got this book from my special ganda friend. She lent it to me more than a month ago but I managed to finish it just today while traveling. My ganda friend received the book from an American friend who visited ganda in China almost a year ago. To whom shall I pass on this book?

Edong’s key messages from the book:

• Listen to that still small voice in the inside of me, in my gut. It is our cellphone that connects us to God.
• Imagine purchasing a car. Anytime anything goes wrong (or is about to go wrong!) with the car, a message appears alerting you about the situation. Imagine that for any problem with the car, anything at all, you could pick-up a phone in the car an ask the car’s *maker* what to do with the situation. We are the driver, the car is our life, car maker is our God and the message alerts and the phone lines – this is our intuition.

And some quotes:

• Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself, “Have I stopped living in the now?”
• The best way to stay in control of our lives is to stay in the present moment.
• If you have a healthy self-worth, you’ll allow all of God’s blessings to come into your life.
• “No one benefits by you being small.” – quoted from Nelson Mandela
• Your birthright as a child of God is to become the best you can be.

These message resound strongly with me. Through the years, I’ve secretly hidden (even from myself!) how low or … “cheap” my self-worth was. I found that I regarded my self much lower than most people regarded me! I did not believe in myself. My low self-worth has been holding me back from achieving more in my life.

I’ve been blessed by God with a loving family, with wonderful friends, with a great career, with multiple talents, income streams from my hobbies, meaningful business-advocacies and a personality that radiates well with many people – strangers, acquaintances or “serendipitous friendships” (hoy hoy, caloy!  ) .

And very recently, I learned to accept these gifts, to embrace these gifts.
These gifts are mine, and I thank the good Lord for all that he has given me!
Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord for Edwin the Penguin! Thank You for Super E! Thank You for Your love that I know so well now!

Salamat, salamat, salamat!
For giving me me!
And for me forgiving myself!

Edwin the Penguin
my biggest fan

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