I got this note from a good ole friend from high school. Jodl was an org mate in our theater group, Sindi Katok. We were classmates in Chem 16 at UP Diliman in the class of Faye Jimenez ( wonder how “Ms.” Faye is).

Anyway, I received a message from Jodl via Facebook. He granted me permission to share his message on my blog.  So here goes …

From: Jodl Gayatin June 14 at 11:01pm

ENFP jodl in flight
ENFP jodl in flight

Hi Eds,
I’ve been meaning to write you a short note.

In a lot of ways your note of that leap of faith comes in timely. I started working in another company (DKS) the same day that you had your freedom. I do wish that in … (due) time I could have that freedom that you are having now. Am doing my best to lay the groundwork.

And you to shadow makes it a bit easy hehehe.

I was not surprised that you’d be making this move. I saw it coming with your blog and all. I wish all the best. Galingan mo coz you’re living the dream for most of us and we’ll look at you as our inspiration.

By the way..by any chance… ENFP ka ba? It would seem like it.

Anyway the first time I got inspired by your passion was when you had the “Paper Barter” thing done in Narra. I do hope we could have more people like you… those following what their heart desires with such fervor.

I thank you for the bits and pieces that you’ve made a dent in me.

  • The time when you sent that “Iguana” when I was in Dole.
  • The time we had an impromptu inuman at Clint’s place when I just got back in Manila from my Mindanao sojourn.
  • The time you sent me that link on Finding your Purpose..
  • The time you gave a copy of your audio books ( have applied the Bucket Principle ever since)
  • And now somehow your move is such an inspiration for me.

Good luck on your new endeavor. I definitely know you’ll do well.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Cheers !


Here’s my reply to Jodl

From Edwin Ka Edong Soriano June 15 at 11:07am

ENFP (?) ka edong - alive and kicking!
ENFP (?) ka edong - alive and kicking!

Hi Jodl,

Thanks for your message, I truly appreciate it.

It is words like this from friends like you that help me appreciate even more the way I relate with other people.

Gratitude for Jodl and clarity for myself

I always remind myself that I am doing this change in career for myself and for my God.

Many times in the past, I did things to please other people.

Doing things to please other people — that is a formula for eventual sadness.
It is something that you can never truly be happy for.
It leads to false choices. False choice comes out when we allow ourselves to be influence by our fears, programs, other people’s (negative) thinking that we’ve learned to make our own (to our detriment), or our impressions of what other people might think.

In contrast, true choice is wholly our own happy choice. True choice is something that brings you joy without the need for explanation.  True choice is so much easier when we follow the joy of our heart and know (know in our heart and in our mind) that it is aligned with our purpose in life. Follow our gut, be guided what our heart already knows. We have our own internal compass that we can follow.

In the same breath, I acknowledge and thank Jodl for the kind words. Salamat. Salamat.

Jodl, may you also recognize the blessings that our good Lord showers upon you always!

See you along the way, buddy!

ka edong

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