I am grateful for:

  • Another “jump up from bed” morning.
  • Coming in early for breakfast at Soliman.
  • Being on purpose with the Used to Be video.
  • Welcoming the students of Basic 249.
  • Listening to some wonderful shares from the students.
  • Witnessing breakthroughs.
  • Being observant of the energies of people during the Dyad. Listening to the nudge of our good Lord, pairing up Roxanne and Myca. Little did I know that they would have some very deep learnings. Thank You Lord!
  • Being called SD by Heroic XXXII grads/staff. :-)
  • Agape lunch. Vietnamese rolls. Abundance. Fruits and vegetables.
  • Water!
  • Rezza doing the Heaven and Hell story.
  • Seeing the staff of Heroic XXXIII. Hearing Beloy’s sharing.
  • 20+ sign-ups for Heroic XXXIII. Go Heroic! Fingertip: Bellosillo, Hizon, Toledo, Villajin, Rondilla. All in the family!
  • Writing posters. Flashback memories from elementary re: lettering.
  • Dancing, singing, enjoying, sharing the energy.
  • Realizing that kids can be kids.
  • Witnessing new ways of increasing the learning in Basic (lights out last day; video).
  • Receiving the appreciation of the students.
  • Embrazzo.
  • Fun rendition of welcome songs.
  • Another batch of PSI Grads. One person at a time. Let’s go!
  • Receiving the appreciation of Myca and Roxanne and the staff. I am happy! :-)
  • Chick-Boy
Oh that You may bless me indeed
And increase my territory!
May your hands be upon me, 
and keep evil far away from me, 
So that I may cause no pain. 
– Prayer of Jabez
Thank You Lord for this opportunity to once again be of service to a batch of PSI grads. Thank You for all the lives we’ve touched through this seminar. Thank You for the lives I’ve personally helped this weekend. I rejoice in all positive changes I made in other people’s lives!
I am worthy!

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