PasikBlogan Challenge #11: “Five things I find challenging about blogging”

Simplifying Messages – I have a tendency to say in 10 words what I can say in 2. My challenge is to be clear with my message in as few and simple words.

Fear of taking up too much time – I don’t like it when blogging keeps me up until 1:16am (just like now). Kaya gustong-gusto ko yung technique na natutunan ko kay Tristan: . Let’s share it in PasikBlogan #16.

Once upon a time from Cuyo, Palawan, I wrote snail mail to my pamangkin
Once upon a time from Cuyo, Palawan, I wrote snail mail to my pamangkin

Fear of writing without significance – Once upon a time, I was quoted in the inquirer saying: “Blog, don’t clog“. That was my way of saying: “Don’t add to the junk on the web.” This quote turned out to be a bane for me. I pressured myself to always write something good, something significant. I became unforgiving of my simple thoughts. That’s exactly why it was a challenge for me to write a crappy and mundane article.  Bottom-line: between (a) not expressing and (b) expressing less-significantly — I choose to (b) just express. And amidst all, I shall strike gold.

Having too many things I want to blog about – Try catching two rabbits at the same time, you end up with none. Sometimes I have so many thoughts I want to blog about, I end up with zero. This comes in handy: Think of life as a continuum – it’s not a matter of whether or not we do something, it’s just a matter of the right time to do it.  (the irony: sometimes, the right time is “never”). Now I confuse you, don’t I?! :D hahaha!

Being judged – This is probably common. We edit our words to suit other people’s taste. When that happens, we’re writing to please others. The better way for me to do it is to just express myself. Nothing more, nothing less.

“What other people think about me is none of my business.”

Let your spirits free, Edwin! My blog is my blog. This is me! :D

Edwin “Ka Edong” Soriano

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