Today, I am grateful for:

  • a jump out of bed morning!
  • beautiful nasugbu, batangas. Beautiful Hamilo Coast!
  • friends at Next Step, learning from them, having fun serving with them.
  • Seeing Chino, sharing stories.
  • Reading atchi’s emails. I love you atchi! 365 days with Anna. 
  • Rezza and her Fucidin activity. Yey!
  • Beautiful Hamilo Coast!
  • Remembering Capt. Lim and his Nasugbu stories.
  • Full Moon and Jupiter
  • Walking in the moonlight
  • Getting our heart pumped up at the beach club
  • sand at the beach
  • sumptuous meals
  • cozy bed and wonderful hotel room. Beautiful place. reminds me of Florida with the sorianos and the jongs. Will bring family here in the future.
  • Going to Australia. God has a weird way of making things happen. Thank you Lord!
Good sleep!

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