Discover the secret to getting UNSTUCK and making REAL progress at work, with family, and in your love life.

“This seminar will unlock parts of you that you may not even be aware that exists. It will make you confront stuff in your life that you may be afraid to confront, but are actually keys to making you move forward.” 

— Naysan A. (35 years old, Communications Officer)

Dear Friend,

Are you sick and tired of feeling lost and confused of what to do with your life?

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to reach their goals effortlessly, while you’ve been struggling with yours for a long time?

Have you ever dreamed of being the best person you can be, reaching your full potential, and achieving success in anything you choose to do?

If so… 

Then this letter might just hold the answer you’ve long been praying for, so read on.

You may be at that point when you’re feeling anxious and fearful of what will happen to you and your future. 

You’ve been doubtful and insecure about your decisions, so you’re looking for clarity and direction in life…  

On the other hand, you might be feeling that your life right now is just “okay”… 

…yet deep inside you know that you can be or do something MORE.

Where and how are these feelings being manifested?

You may be going through at least one of the following issues in the different aspects of your life.


  • You’re not happy with your current job. 

You’re not in the right position, and you’re surrounded by people who you don’t really enjoy working with. Your work is unappreciated by your superiors, and you’re not earning enough to provide for your needs and wants. Your job is not fulfilling for you, because you’re not doing what really you love to do or what you’re good at. You’re now feeling tired and burned-out.

  • You’re not growing in your career. 

You’ve been in that job or company for so long, you feel there’s no more room for advancement. Your career growth has been slow, you haven’t been promoted in a while. Life has been stagnant, boring and dull. You don’t feel challenged or excited anymore. You are in your comfort zone, where you are safe… but stuck. 

  • You want to leave your job, or you’ve lost your job… 

You’re ready for a career shift, but aren’t sure of what to do and where to go.

With the FAMILY… 

  • You’re unhappy with your family situation. 

There are traumatic experiences you’ve been carrying since childhood. You feel unloved by your parent/s and/or siblings since conflicts happened with them. You may have been rejected by the family, treated as a “black sheep”, “rebel” or “outcast”, or even disowned by your parents. You’ve been cut off and there’s no communication between family members. You can only tolerate minimal interaction with them, and you dread reunions because issues often come up.  

  • You love your family but you’re wishing you had better relationships with them. 

You’d like to develop a closer bond with your parents, siblings, spouse or children. You are praying for acceptance, forgiveness, and reconciliation to happen between you and your family.

In your LOVE LIFE…

  • You just came out of a broken relationship. 

The person you loved with all your heart has left you and rejected you. You don’t understand why it happened. You are hurt, confused, and devastated. Your self-esteem is shattered. You are struggling to pick up the pieces. You feel unloved and unworthy… as if you’re a failure.

  • You’re currently in a relationship, and you’re in a good place, but you’d like to build a deeper relationship with your partner. 

You’re hoping for more honesty, intimacy, passion, and commitment. You’d like to work on increasing TRUST, especially if it’s been broken before. 

  • You’re single and hoping to find “the one” soon.

You’re looking for someone to love you for who you are, someone to share your life with. Note: This desire to find “the one” may be unexpressed or denied.

  • You feel that you need to work on loving yourself first.

You’re not “looking” for someone right now. And you’re aware that you need to learn and practice SELF-LOVE, so you can be the ideal person for the love of your life when the right time comes. You want to “BE the ONE.” There are parts of yourself that you need to accept first. 

You might have tried to solve your problems in the following ways…

  • By running away from the problem — avoiding a specific workplace / industry / type of work / place / etc; refusing to meet people / family / friends because you’re avoiding some conversations that you don’t want to face. 
  • By getting into toxic relationships, vices, addiction (gambling, alcohol, retail therapy, social media), or overcompensating through travel (and getting in debt along the way). 
  • By talking to your friends…
  • By turning to prayer, joining a church group or religious community, attending retreats
  • By seeking professional help through counselling, therapy, consulting with a psychologist, psychiatrist, and by taking medication.

If you’ve tried any of these with little to no success, don’t worry. 

You are not alone! 

But first, you need to understand this very important point…

The reason why you’re feeling lost and confused, and why you’re experiencing these problems is…

You are not being REAL.

All this time, you’ve been PRETENDING to be someone you’re not.

You’ve been pursuing goals that AREN’T YOURS — they’re not what you really want for YOURSELF or YOUR LIFE — you’ve been doing it just to please others, or someone that you deeply care for.

You want to believe that you’re okay and happy, but unconsciously, you’ve been in DENIAL all along…

But it’s NOT your fault.

Because  when there’s so much going on inside your head, and you’re too close to the situation, your vision is blurred. You can’t see clearly. 

Having someone like a COACH can help you see things you don’t see, and explore new things that you haven’t discovered before.

That’s where I come in. 

But with all the self-help resources and coaching programs out there, how do you find the right one? 

Well, what if I told you that you can experience a program that creates results in an INSTANT, a program that has helped people… 

  • be more authentic and at peace with their true selves. 
  • be able to do what truly brings them joy and fulfillment. 
  • express themselves without fear of judgement.
  • have more authentic relationships where there’s no need to pretend. 
  • can get more of what they want. 
  • achieve more success in life — success the way they define it (not how their parents or peers or relatives define it). 

Sounds interesting? Then you’ll love this. 


REALationships Masterclass 

It’s a powerful program where I teach you specific Life Coaching tools to help you GET REAL and unleash your authentic self at work, with family and in your love life (whether present or future).

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside This Program

The REALationships Masterclass will enable you to: 

✓ Get real with what you really want to improve in your life

✓ Apply powerful tools to improve your family relationships

✓ Gain clarity on 3 Key Areas to excel at career/business

✓ Reconnect with or Reaffirm your big dreams

✓ Overcome barriers to raise your level of self-love

✓ Upgrade your standards for more emotional intimacy in Love Life (whether current or future)

✓ Discover your Life Purpose in 20 minutes

✓ Apply concrete actions to live a truly meaningful life

✓ And much, much more!

This life-changing program empowers you to…

  • Gain peace of mind so you can sleep better at night
  • Feel better about yourself and radiate a more positive aura
  • Attract the partner you’re looking for (authentic people are attracted to authentic people)
  • Open up to possibilities of more meaningful relationships
  • Become more expressive to family and friends
  • Spend more quality time with your loved ones
  • Gain clarity with what you truly want in life, on what matters and what doesn’t matter 
  • Become healthier physically, exude confidence
  • Have courage to follow your passion
  • Earn more and become wealthier
  • Open up to more ways, better ways, and greater possibilities in life

“It was a powerful experience bec I got to be aware of myself more. Be clear with my goals and what I can do towards them…  It was a good way of setting yourself FREE from pain, hurts, rejections, failures of the past. It was refreshing and hopeful that I have discovered my life purpose and I’m going to live it everyday.”

— Janice D. (39 years old; Wealth Coach, Author & Speaker)

Who is the REALationships Masterclass for?

If you believe your life is already good enough…

If you don’t like change…

If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself…

If you don’t want to improve your relationships…

Then I’m sorry, but this is NOT for you.

This program is specifically for individuals who want to…

  • Be happy, calm and at peace with themselves. 
  • Gain clarity and direction in life — knowing which way to go, which path to take, which decision to go with, which choices to make.
  • Be in tune with their passion, courageous and confident to pursue their true goals and dreams or what they really want in life. 
  • Embrace wholeness and authenticity, unafraid to be honest and get real with themselves and other people. 

Hi, I’m Coach Edwin Soriano. 

I’m a Life Coach, Trainer, and Author of the book “You Can Be Happy Again.” 

In the past 10+ years, I’ve helped thousands and thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs create positive change and permanent transformations in their lives. 

But the truth is…

I’ve gone through my own rock bottom. 

Once upon a time, I was crushed and broken when, after a 13 year relationship, my wife of 4 years decided to leave me… 

I was lost, I was down, I was like a crumpled piece of paper, thrown away into the garbage bin.

I felt my life was worthless.

I would go home to an empty house and cry myself to sleep. I spent the past year trying to make sense of my wife’s decision to leave me. 

I felt abandoned by the person I trusted the most…

But my friends did not know that I was going through rough times. They’ve known me as the person who was always positive. Always bright and sunny. Little did they know that I had strained my facial muscles, exerted so much effort to appear as if I was “okay.”

I went through my own search for answers… 

I immersed myself in Personal Development, invested in seminars, trainings, webinars, books and more – a combined value of more than 3 Million Pesos!

Until, in one of the seminars I attended, I was reassured it is okay to be not okay.

Here’s the amazing thing… 

Because of the fact that I was okay being not okay, I became more okay! Hahaha!

I started accepting myself as I am, where I am. Instead of rejecting the feelings I had at that time, I was in fact okay to be not okay. 

That’s where it starts. Admit to yourself that  you’re not okay. Be honest and genuine to yourself that you’re not okay – that’s the start of the healing.

Fast-forward to today… 

I now help companies, business owners, and leaders grow and make real progress in their professional and personal lives. 

I do this through life coaching, corporate training, public seminars, books and online content.

All with the desire to share with people how to GET REAL and get unstuck so they can move forward in life.

Why not give yourself the gift of AUTHENTICITY?

Here’s What You’ll Get if You Join the Program Today 

  • 2-Day REALationships Masterclass — P25,000 VALUE!
  • Scheduled on May 1-2, 2020 (Friday to Saturday), this is a 2-day group coaching experience that invites you to ask the difficult questions. 
  • Participants go through Life Coaching exercises where you discover some of your deepest beliefs, and how to create more empowering beliefs and actions. 
  • It helps you discover new perspectives and your underlying mental and emotional barriers. 
  • It makes you consider why you do what you do, and push you to do something that will give you more progress in life. 
  • 2 Sessions of 1-on-1 Life Coaching (60 mins/session) — P16,000 VALUE!
  • Conducted individually and online, to be scheduled. 
  • Some of my clients had been consulting counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists for many years, yet they feel they are not progressing. According to them, what they discover in 1 hour with me is something they’ve never discovered elsewhere. 
  • 3 Sets of Evergreen Coaching Videos — P21,000 VALUE!
  • This is a video series that addresses the 3 most common roadblocks to making real progress in life. In these videos, I’ll be guiding you using the top, frontline coaching processes. You can refer to them anytime, whenever you need it, with your LIFETIME access. 
  • Topics discussed are:
    • How to Get Out of Your Funk
    • Dissolving Your Dilemmas
    • How to Get Real in Your Relationships

Total Value = P62,000 

What if I told you you could get the entire package worth P62,000 for less than half the price? 

Yes, you can join my program today for a special discount… 

Join the REALationships Masterclass for Only 


Ready to GET REAL? Click here: 

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This special price ends on April 21, 2020. 

I know some of you might be wondering why I’d do such a thing. 

It’s because my life purpose is to help people heal. 

We’ve all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in many different ways…

I simply want to do my part and help more people this year. 

You can be the next one to achieve your much-awaited breakthrough!

Ready to GET REAL? Click here: 

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This special price ends on April 21, 2020. 

What Some of Our Graduates Are Saying… 

“[Before the Masterclass] I was doubtful of everything. I did not have a goal. I am just okay with everything… [After the Masterclass] I realized there is much room for me to grow. The world is my oyster. I have clear goals now… Try it and see, hear, feel the difference in you. You will transform into your better self. It is a METAMORPHOSIS.”

— John Jefferson S. (Administrative Assistant)

“[Before the Masterclass] I was so unclear on what I want in life… [After the Masterclass] There’s clarity on what I should do next. It was so powerful! I discovered my life purpose… You’re missing out! Go! Attend this powerful seminar! You will soar high!”

— Jessie B. (27 years old, Donation Acquisition Member)

“[Before the Masterclass] I was confused, conflicted with burdens… [After the Masterclass] I am renewed, replenished and refreshed. It gave me a new perspective in life. It helped me refocus on things that matter… Life-changing. Be ready to uncover many aspects in your life that will prosper and lead you to places you never thought of.”

— Roslyn C. (Lawyer)

“[Before the Masterclass] I was driven by fear, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough. I was limiting myself to a box, wanting to go out but not doing anything… [After the Masterclass] I realized that I am meant for greatness, that anything is possible. There’s only one thing that you can control and that is myself. Being real with where I am, acknowledging it and believing in myself, in loving myself. Opened my eyes for the best version of me. I am excited!… You’ll miss a lot in your life if you will not experience this. This is for you too!”

— Kaja R. (30 years old)

Ready to GET REAL? Click here: 

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This special price ends on April 21, 2020. 

You Now Have Three Options… 

  • Option #1: Don’t do anything… Don’t face your problems and issues in life.

Think about the biggest challenge you’re facing today, whether at work, family, or lovelife…

This problem you’re facing — this isn’t the first time you’ve experienced this, right? 

That’s because in the past, you never really addressed the problem. You might have avoided it, you might have overcompensated for it. 

Do you want to just continue enduring this problem? Or are you ready to truly face the problem? 

  • Option #2: Face your problems by solving them on your own. 

The problem you have now is a result of so many times and ways that you did NOT solve the problem effectively. It will take longer, with no assurance of progress. 

You’ve already wasted so many years of your life being bogged down, burdened by that problem. 

  • Option #3: Get help from a professional Life Coach with 10+ years of experience and proven results.

In the REALationships Masterclass, there are immediate breakthroughs — 

Decisions made. Actions taken. Lives changed… in each and every session. 

Ready to GET REAL? Click here: 

Join the REALationships Masterclass Now! 

This special price ends on April 21, 2020.

This is YOUR chance! I encourage you to act now. 

I look forward to journeying with you in the Masterclass! 

Excited for your breakthrough, 

Coach Edwin Soriano 

P.S. Just to recap. 

Here’s what you’ll get if you join my program today: 

  • 2-Day REALationships Masterclass (P25,000 value!) 
  • 2 Sessions of 1-on-1 Coaching (P16,000 value!) 
  • 3 Sets of Evergreen Coaching Videos (P21,000 value!)
    • How to Get Out of Your Funk 
    • Dissolving Your Dilemmas
    • How to Get Real in Your Relationships 

Total Value = P62,000 

Join the REALationships Masterclass for Only 


Ready to GET REAL? Click here: 

Join the REALationships Masterclass Now! 

This special price ends on April 21, 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I know this program is life-changing, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time.

You only need to commit 2 days (May 1-2, 2020) for the Masterclass. The 1-on-1 coaching sessions (1 hour each) may be scheduled at our mutually convenient time. The evergreen coaching videos are available to you for a LIFETIME. So you can watch it (and rewatch it) whenever you want. 

If we’re still in lockdown/quarantine, how can I attend the sessions? 

The Masterclass sessions and 1-on-1 coaching sessions will be done ONLINE via Zoom, so you can participate from the comfort and safety of your home during the quarantine period.   

I really want to join and have my breakthrough, but I don’t have enough money for this.

Let me ask you this: How much are you willing to invest in yourself? But of course, since we’re going through extraordinary times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I understand that you might have other priorities at the moment. If you choose to save your funds for now, then that’s fine. However, should you decide that you would like to join the Masterclass at a later time, just know I won’t be offering this again at the same price.

Ready to GET REAL? Click here: 

Join the REALationships Masterclass Now! 

This special price ends on April 21, 2020.