It’s been almost three years I’ve been working with Intel. From the start, I deliberately chose to *not* blog about anything Intel mostly because I didn’t want to even get close to any confidentiality issues.

But in this phase, my crossroads, I find it timely to reflect upon my years in Intel. It was a wonderful phase in my life. I want to capture sketches of this chapter in my life through my blog.

Inside Intel
Inside Intel

Tutal, data-driven tayo dito … :-) Let’s start my sketching with some numbers.
How many days did I spend inside Intel? …

Calendar days employed at Intel: 1,441
Work-days: 721
Meetings attended: 1,833
Work emails: 78,996 sent, 119,625 received
Average work emails per day: 109 sent, 166 received

Laptops: 1 (Kupradia)
Hard disk space: 6.67GB Free, 67.8GB Used
Cellphones acquired: 8 (2 in Sanfo, 4 Suns, 1 Liway, 1 Yayo-man)

Trainings taken at Intel: 78
Trainings delivered at Intel: 1
Cashflow games facilitated: 4
PSI seminars attended: 2
PSI talks delivered: 4

Countries visited: 5
US (San Francisco, Arizona, Chicago, Seattle), Canada (Toronto), Malaysia (Penang, Kulim, Kuala Lumpur), China (Shanghai, Chengdu), Singapore
Towers climbed: 3
(Pearl Tower @ Shanghai, Space Needle @ Seattle, Sears Tower @ Chicago)

Houses purchased: 3
Houses lived in: 3
Refrigerators bought: 1
TV sets bought: zero

Marathons Marathon run: 1
Shots taken in the knee: 1
Surgeries underwent: 1 (going on two)

Audio books/clips listened to: 276
Books read: 53
(Steve Pavlina, T Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, David Allen, Raju Mandhyan, Jack Canfield, Bo Sanchez, Beth Kobliner, Tom Rath, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki)

Times I had too much alcohol: 1 (Baguio 2007)
Times I sang in public: 2 (Dine&Jam 2006, Kaffe Klatch 2007)

Girls I made cry: 4 (that I know of)
Boys I made cry: 1 (that I know of)

That’s a lot in three years.
And there’s more to remember, more to share! …

ka edong
inside Intel, looking out

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