Trainings and Seminars Portfolio
Note: Durations are indicated. Talks may be shortened or lengthened depending on client’s need. 

You Can Be Happy Again Seminar
A whole day interactive seminar where participants experience NLP Life Coaching in a group setting. Create breakthroughs in your life through coaching. (8 hrs)

Bloom Where You’re Planted
Encourage and empower people to find purpose in their work. For a happier, more productive and more meaningful work environment. (30mins – 4 hrs)

Be Happy Hungry:
12 Keys to Being Happy for Who You Are, Hungry for Who You Could Be
Empowering mindsets to help you move forward in life. (1-4 hours)

Key Notes
For your sales conventions, kick-off meetings, employee development programs, work-life balance programs and more. (30mins – 1 hr)

Team Building
Whether for a group of 10 or 100, we conduct team-building activities that engage participants and bring out the best in the individual and in the team. (4hrs, 8hrs, 2 days)

Stress Management
Learn the specific mindsets and skills to thrive in a fast-paced, output-driven work environment while maintaining healthy relationships. (30mins – 4 hrs)

Emotional Hygiene: Maintaining a Healthy Inner World
As the body needs regular cleansing for physical health, so do our minds and hearts need cleansing for healthier relationships. (30mins – 2 hrs) 

Rejection Resilience: How to Deal with Rejection
Three Unconditionals that people need so they could deal with rejection. (30mins – 2 hrs)

Empowering Parenthood
Learn the fundamental principles for raising happy kids. Based on the thousands of Life Coaching clients and how they overcame their childhood trauma. (1hr – 8 hrs) 

How to Enjoy Life’s Breakups
Rising up from the sadness of life’s breakups. We teach you specific tools to help you not just endure but to enjoy life’s breakups! (1-4 hrs) 

How to Be The One
Develop your mind and heart from within. Prepare to be your best self for your next relationship. (1-4 hrs)

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