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Children See, Children Do

“make them known to your children and to your children’s children“ – Deuteronomy 4:9

In every action you take, are you giving a good example to children around you?

When I meet parents for coaching, I share with them a life-lesson I learned from my sister, a pre-school teacher: “Our kids pick up from our actions more than we realize.”

There’s a video of 5-year old toddlers following every move of their adult companion.

When mom litters, daughter litters.

Dad curses clerk, son curses clerk.

Driving mom gives a dirty finger, son gives a dirty finger.

Dad raises hand at mom, son raises hand at baby.

Children see, children do.

The good side of this is children learn good things the same way. They learn kindness, respect, forgiveness, humility, caring, love, happiness, celebration, confidence, persistence, aspiration when they see YOU do it.

Whatever we know to be good, to be true, to be kind, to be loving, let’s do it even in the simplest way. Smile. Greet good morning. Say thank you. Clean as you go. Let others pass through before you.

Because people see, people do.
Edwin S. Soriano (edwin@winningcoaching.net)

Reflection: How can I be a good example to children around me?

Lord, as your child, let me learn from your Divine example.

Lord, as your child, let me show Your Love through my actions.


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Coach Edwin

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