Cory Happy

Cory Aquino from the eyes of a kid

I woke up this morning and got the news of Cory’s passing via Twitter.
Today, I write what I remember.

Cory Happy Cory Happy

Photo from GMANews.TV

Ninoy, EDSA and Cory: From the eyes of a child

I was in gradeschool in 1986. I remember distinctlywatching the news coverage of Ninoy’s death. I remember Harry Gasser choking while delivering the news of Ninoy’s death. My mother was beside me explaining who Ninoy was and what he meant to us Filipinos.

I remember admiring Kidlat de Guia and his family as they were in the streets of Baguio rallying in solidarity of the EDSA revolution. I would have wanted to join, but at 11 years old, I would just be a spectator on TV as history unfolded.

I remember being part of a gradeschool play depicting the EDSA revolution just a few weeks after the EDSA revolution. That’s when I felt part of EDSA.
Idol ko si Ninoy! Idol ko si Cory! Idol ko ang Pinoy!

When we moved to Times St. in Quezon City, I would have glimpses of Cory at the nearby parish, Twin hearts of Jesus and Mary. We’d pass by their Times St. home and I would recognize the gate from the images I saw on TV – flowers at the Times St. home for Ninoy.

Wife, Mother, President, Leader. We remember.

I was moved to tears with this video shared by @jimparedes, Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo:

I have a rekindled appreciation of what the Filipino CAN do together.

I say a prayer for Tita Cory, her family and our country.
I am moved at how one woman can unite the Filipinos!
We’ve been blessed by her leadership, strength and pureness of heart.
Her legacy lives on!

Cory Hindi Ka Nagiisa
Cory Hindi Ka Nagiisa

I am a witness. Ako ang saksi. (Update, Aug2)

I lined up to see Tita Cory on Saturday afternoon. The lines were relatively short at that time. I waited probably 1 hour. The young man behind lined up a second time, to see Cory another time. He shared how he met a grandmother and apo who begged their way so that they can go to visit Tita Cory. That evening, I kept updating my twitter, telling the world of the outpouring of love for Tita Cory from the Filipino people.

I took some photos ( and videos ( .

Today, August 2, Sunday, I went back to volunteer in the Secretariat. I was assigned to man the exit gates. My friend, Tanya and I were “greeters”. We thanked visitors for paying their last respects and wished them well as they left LSGH.

Many people asked me, especially old women: “Apo ka ba ni Cory?” I learned to reply later on: “Si Cory ay naging nanay ng buong Pilipinas.”

Some people would share: “Napaka-ganda na Cory.” I would reply: “Kung maganda ang kaluoban, siya ring ganda ng panlabas.”

I was witness to maybe a thousand people who passed by. Many were sad. Most were tired. But one said: “Kahit ilang oras pa kaming pumila, sulit ang aming pag-punta.” Mahal na mahal ng Pilipino si Cory.

Why am I here?

On my way out tonight, I saw Viel once again. I greeted her. She was surprised to see me two nights in a row. She said: “Ang sipag mo naman!” I replied: “I’m helping out ;-) ” .

But what drives me?

I want to be part of history. I want to tell my children and grandchildren how things happened. The same way my father paid his respects to Magsaysay, so too do I pay my respects to Tita Cory.

I want to be one with the Filipino. I want to mourn with the Filipino. I want to pray with the Filipino. I want to hold on to hope and democracy and peace for the Filipino.

I want to help. In this time of mourning, I want to do my part to help in whatever way I can.

Whether it’s ushering visitors, directing traffic, answering questions, listening to stories of Filipinos, taking photos to share, updating the world through tweets, singing, greeting, distributing kisses (chocolates, that is!), printing and distributing lyrics of songs, or just being there … I did all these to help and do my part.

For Tita Cory. For our fellow Filipinos.

kid edong

Tribute to Tita Cory:

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  1. Sheeet Man, na-iyak ako!

  2. si cory ang presidente na hindi kurakot. mahal na mahal niya ang mga pilipino at ang bansang pilipinas. condolence sa mga kama-anak ni cory.

  3. MRS.Cory was a great person,a good leader,with a big heart for all the filipino,especially a great mother sa ating lahat,hindi matatawaran ang ginawa nya sa ating bayan!i really admire her,i will miss her..Goodbye my mother!….. ang lungkot

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