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How to Cope with Being Alone on Christmas

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Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. The fact is that you can be happy even if you’re alone. Watch this video to learn how to cope with being alone this Christmas. Video 1: Live interview by Ariel Ureta and Winnie Cordero on Todo Todo Walang Preno, DZMM Teleradyo: Here’s the full list of seven tips on Coping with Being Alone on Christmas:

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Mend Your Broken Heart In Time for Christmas

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Yes, we’ve all been there. Somebody broke our hearts or we broke other people’s hearts. Either way, moving on is never easy. Watch this video to help mend your heart just in time for Christmas. Download the slides here: Mend Your Broken Heart In Time for Christmas. Want more videos like this? Enter your email below. Mend Your Broken Heart

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Forty One That Have Changed My Life

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I couldn’t figure out the category. It’s a mix. All of them have formed part of my life journey. Forty One that have changed my life My wife, my one true love, Rezza My parents Tony and Flor My siblings Elmer, Eric, Anna; Brillantes KRC, Andrei, Cali My mentor, Capt. Bobby Lim UPSCA SPED center UP Los Banos and my

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Want to make 2016 your best year ever?

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    Hello friend, Happy New Year! I wish that you are.. Happy for what you made of 2015, Hungry for what you can make of 2016! If you’re like many people I know, you probably have big plans, big dreams for 2016! When my wife Rezza and I were in Baguio last week, I took some time to plan

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What to be grateful for?

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I’m writing to the person who is down and out, the person who thinks life is a bitch, the person who is thinking that there might be no hope in life. Be Grateful! Gratitude does not change the circumstances. Gratitude changes the person. Two people can be in the exact same situation, right beside each other. One can be complaining

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Q&A with Mahal and Ka Edong

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I had the chance to exchange thoughts with a fellow-coach, Mahal Hudson, who is based in Canada. She asked me some challenging questions, and I loved having the chance to reflect upon her questions. These were questions from Mahal: 1. What do you think is your purpose in life? 2. What do you think is your life’s mission? 3. If

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Four Things to do When Jealous

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In their celebration the women sang, “Saul has killed thousands, but David tens of thousands.” Saul did not like this, and he became very angry. He said, “For David they claim tens of thousands, but only thousands for me. They will be making him king next!” And so he was jealous and suspicious of David from that day on. 1

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Asked to do it. Don’t want to do it. What to do?

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David strapped Saul’s sword over the armor and tried to walk, but couldn’t, because he wasn’t used to wearing them. “I can’t fight with all this,” he said to Saul. “I’m not used to it.” 1 Samuel 17:39 In the story of David and Goliath, there are so many details that can be sources for some magnificent lessons. In this

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