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How to Cope with Being Alone on Christmas

Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. The fact is that you can be happy even if you’re alone.

Watch this video to learn how to cope with being alone this Christmas.

Video 1: Live interview by Ariel Ureta and Winnie Cordero on Todo Todo Walang Preno, DZMM Teleradyo:

Here’s the full list of seven tips on Coping with Being Alone on Christmas:

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Mend Your Broken Heart In Time for Christmas

Mend Your Broken Heart In Time for Christmas

Yes, we’ve all been there. Somebody broke our hearts or we broke other people’s hearts. Either way, moving on is never easy.

Watch this video to help mend your heart just in time for Christmas.

Download the slides here: Mend Your Broken Heart In Time for Christmas.

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Mend Your Broken Heart In Time for Christmas

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It's Not You, It's Me

It’s Not You, It’s Me: 5 Things You Must Do to BE “The One”

We’ve heard of the discussion about “how to *find* the one”, how to find your lifetime partner.

But say you’ve searched high and low and still haven’t found him/her. You know what, here’s another way to do it. Instead of spending your time and energy searching for “the one”, how about developing yourself so that you BE “The One” for your future partner.

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Life Journey

Forty One That Have Changed My Life

I couldn’t figure out the category. It’s a mix. All of them have formed part of my life journey.

Forty One that have changed my life

  1. My wife, my one true love, Rezza
  2. My parents Tony and Flor
  3. My siblings Elmer, Eric, Anna; Brillantes KRC, Andrei, Cali
  4. My mentor, Capt. Bobby Lim
  5. UPSCA
  6. SPED center
  7. UP Los Banos and my barkada there, including folks from LFS and SCM
  8. Pisay
  9. Sindi Katok, LBM
  10. Kidlat, Tanya, Elmer, Marga
  11. Ms.
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