Respeto Lang Po

I’m browsing through the social networks, and reading how some respectable friends are bashing Nancy Binay, Grace Poe or any other candidate who they feel do not deserve to win. My friends, that’s how a democracy works. If some candidates you abhor are winning, that just means other Filipinos voted for the candidate. That’s all. Let’s […]

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Why “Cold” people LOVE the “Hot” that many Pinoys do not

Disclaimer: Consider this next article a combination of different thoughts about the weather.  Are you feeling HOT and irritated these summer days in the Philippines? I’m not irritated by the Hot. I changed my perspective about “Hot” one fine summer day many years ago. Now I’m no longer irritated by the hot and humid weather […]

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BAYANIhan Tayo! Help for Filipinos affected by Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng

Hi Everybody! I’m Ka Edong, a Filipino helping fellow Filipinos amidst the storm around us. I’ve been helping out for the typhoon victims mostly online by managing information through Twitter, Facebook and Google documents. First, referral links to essential pages that provide more information on how YOU could help. Second, a short rundown of what […]

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Rizal is My President

There’s a rally this afternoon in Makati against CONASS. They say the rally will be recorded on video by the government. In the meantime, there is a conspiracy happening. Heroes from above are watching closely, plotting a drastic move that will change our country. They plot to bring the real Jose Rizal, back to the […]

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