10 Concrete Ways to Help Our Country

It was inspiring for me to see hundreds of thousands of people converging peacefully to call for changes in government. I was especially happy how people knew better to keep the streets clean, and keep the picnic peaceful ;-) . Thank you, my kababayans for showing ourselves that it can be done. ;-) 

I know what it’s like to share the energy, and share a space with thousands of people, sharing one advocacy. I know the feeling of “One-ness“. I could feel people’s energy and enthusiasm as people were expressing their solidarity with the call to #ScrapPork. Bless all who in who, in whichever form, express their stand in the PDAF issue.

I’ve been quiet for some time as I reflected about how I felt about these issues. I was inspired by an article shared by my friend Benj Santiago about a Korean’s view of the Philippines. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective for us to realize our blessings.

My message is simple. We want change? Let’s start with ourselves. 

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Respeto Lang Po

I’m browsing through the social networks, and reading how some respectable friends are bashing Nancy Binay, Grace Poe or any other candidate who they feel do not deserve to win.

My friends, that’s how a democracy works. If some candidates you abhor are winning, that just means other Filipinos voted for the candidate. That’s all. Let’s respect that.

I feel bad because people I respect have allowed the bashing, have become part of the bullying. I see the insults and jokes spreading through tweets, fb, photos, memes.

Yes, maybe some are funny — I was laughing out loud at some memes. LOL! And when I think about the memes, I realize it’s actually MEAN. I decided to stop and call it FOUL! It’s cyber-bullying. FOUL! I’m calling it FOUL!

People don’t even realize how disrespectful it is. When we lash out insults at people, we actually reflect our own humane-ness or lack of it.

Why “Cold” people LOVE the “Hot” that many Pinoys do not

Disclaimer: Consider this next article a combination of different thoughts about the weather. 

Are you feeling HOT and irritated these summer days in the Philippines? I’m not irritated by the Hot.

HOT Ka Edong Dozing off one summer day in a land far far away

HOT Ka Edong Dozing off one summer day in a land far far away

I changed my perspective about “Hot” one fine summer day many years ago. Now I’m no longer irritated by the hot and humid weather of the Philippine summer. I actually like it a lot!

And my perspective changed with the help of a foreigner. Let me tell you the story of how I’ve come to appreciate our summer weather.

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Pangalang Pinoy by edWIN S. Soriano

Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

Rezza and I were the Valle Verde country club this morning for Day 2 of our Easter Retreat dubbed “Total – Secrets of big returns“. This is a retreat by the Light of Jesus led by Bo Sanchez.

The retreat covered the topics: “Give Total”, “Give Time”, “Give Talents” and “Give Tythes”.

Today, BGC Feast builder George Gabriel was sharing a message about giving Glory to our good God by giving our talents.

Your talents are God’s gift to you. How you use your Talents is your gift to God.

At one point, George asked for volunteers to go up near the stage in front of an audience of 1,000+ people. Without hesitation, I ran from the back row all the way to the front. All seven of us volunteers were lined up facing the audience as if we were in a game show :D . George approached me first and asked this question: “What is your talent?

I wasn’t ready for the question. I hesitated. First thing I thought was to be funny: “Kaya kong kumain ng Continue reading Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

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BAYANIhan Tayo! Help for Filipinos affected by Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng

BAYANIhan Tayo!

BAYANIhan Tayo! (photo from http://bayanihanonline.wordpress.com/)

Hi Everybody! I’m Ka Edong, a Filipino helping fellow Filipinos amidst the storm around us.

I’ve been helping out for the typhoon victims mostly online by managing information through Twitter, Facebook and Google documents.

First, referral links to essential pages that provide more information on how YOU could help.
Second, a short rundown of what I’ve done (still doing) for people affected by the typhoon.


Ka Edong: BAYANI-han tayo!

  • http://tinyurl.com/RescueHub: I established this online document on Saturday evening, September 26. This was a response to all the information that people were passing along via twitter and SMS. There was a need to capture the information so that people can respond better.
    • Next step: Contact the people in the Missing/Found list, update status as “Safe” or “Rescued”. For eventual closure (freeze) of this document.
  • @ka_edong on Twitter: I continue to provide Relief operations updates on Twitter.
  • Ka Edong on Facebook: I spread the word via fb as well. I connect with many more friends outside the country via facebook. Good for sharing videos, photos of the typhoon, as well as words of inspiration for our countrymen. You could help too by spreading the word among your friends.
  • ka edong on qik: I also post live mobile videos of the typhoon and the relief operations. Here’s one video of half-submerged buses http://qik.com/video/3010884

There are many more ways we all could help. Prayers, spreading the word, consoling people, inspiring people, donating. Prisoners in Cebu skipped a meal or two to donate for Ondoy victims! Sama sama tayo dito, BAYANI-han Tayo! :-)

God Bless the Philippines!

ka edong

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The Last Journey of Ninoy – A Film all Pinoys must watch!

I was a the press screening of “The Last Journey of Ninoy” (As told through the last interview of Cory) through an invite from Bam Aquino and a mutual friend, Tanya.

When I reached Rockwell, I saw Kris Aquino with Baby James waiting for their ride. I greeted her and asked if she was watching the movie. Not that evening daw.

At the theater, I met Bam Aquino. When asked about his debut on the silverscreen, he clarified that “It’s a documentary, not a movie.” Bam has some reservations about referring to himself as an actor. “TV host, yes. Actor, ummm…” says Bam.

The film features the last interview given by Cory Aquino. The interview was done by the film’s director, Jun Reyes. After the interview, kabilin-bilinan daw ni Tita Cory kay Jun: “Pag-igihan mo ‘yan, ha.”

The Last Journey of Ninoy The Last Journey of Ninoy – Bam Aquino interview

The unraveling of the film was utterly graceful. Continue reading The Last Journey of Ninoy – A Film all Pinoys must watch!

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Videos: AKO MISMO Dog Tag Day

I just came back from the AKO MISMO Dog Tag day. Got myself some dog tags. I got dog tags for my pamangkins too who are flying in from Australia next month.



My first pledge as soon as I got my Dog Tags: “AKO MISMO itatapon ang basura ko sa basurahan!”
I just noticed that for many people, they just littered the packaging of their AKO MISMO dog tags right there at the Dog Tag booth.

On the lighter side ;-) …

Booths in the concert area

There was a photo booth where folks can take their photos along-side a backdrop of life-size AKO MISMO endorsers Angel Aquino, Ely Buendia, Luis Manzano, Maxene Magalona et al.

There was a commitment wall for people to write in ink what they pledge to help the country.

One booth had PC’s setup for people to sign-up online for AKO MISMO.

And there were exhibitor booths where people can sign-up for volunteer work, know more about an organization, or buy Pinoy Pride merchandise.


I interviewed three ladies from different organizations: PAGASA, Gawad Kalinga and Dynamic Teen Co.
Here are their videos Continue reading Videos: AKO MISMO Dog Tag Day

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Rizal is My President

There’s a rally this afternoon in Makati against CONASS. They say the rally will be recorded on video by the government.

In the meantime, there is a conspiracy happening. Heroes from above are watching closely, plotting a drastic move that will change our country.

They plot to bring the real Jose Rizal, back to the helm of the Philippines to take the lead.

Rizal is My President
Rizal is My President

Rizal is My President – A Musical Satire

I watched “Rizal is my President” last month at Ateneo. It was a musical play that had a funny, idealistic, dreamy, inspirational twist in the plot. Continue reading Rizal is My President