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How to Get Married Over a Swimming Pool [Photos / Videos]

ka edong/ July 8, 2012/ Photos/ 2 comments

Why did I brave a 7-hour bus trip from Manila to Santiago, Isabela to witness this momentous wedding of our friend Cesario? Why do I believe that we must give to Cesario what is Cesario’s? How did 5 volunteer teachers from all over the country find themselves playing patintero on the rock-port of Cuyo, Palawan? Why did they do it

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AKO MISMO Dog Tags are here!

ka edong/ June 10, 2009/ Photos/ 65 comments

I got word yesterday that there were AKO MISMO dog tags available at our building lobby. I had a meeting so I decided to get my dog tags after a half hour. When I reached the lobby to get AKO MISMO Dog Tags, this is what I got: Angel Locsin AKO Mismo Dog Tag Day Poster Incoming search terms:Saan po

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