How to Get Married Over a Swimming Pool [Photos / Videos]

Why did I brave a 7-hour bus trip from Manila to Santiago, Isabela to witness this momentous wedding of our friend Cesario? Why do I believe that we must give to Cesario what is Cesario’s? How did 5 volunteer teachers from all over the country find themselves playing patintero on the rock-port of Cuyo, Palawan? Why did they do it again in Isabela, this time over a swimming pool? Let me tell you our story …

Today I attended a wedding in Santiago, Isabela. It was the wedding of Cesar our “bunso”, our youngest team mate in our batch of volunteer teachers in 1998. Cesar married Gema, a sweet lady he met through his friends and by faith.

There were a couple of things that made this wedding very special for me. Continue reading How to Get Married Over a Swimming Pool [Photos / Videos]

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World Contribution: Mangrove Tree Planting

I have friends at PSI who took some time out to get themselves dirty :-) . They trooped to Batangas to do a Mangrove Tree Planting.

In October 17, 2009, the graduates of Starshooters Team 75 initiated a mangrove tree planting project at an island in Wawa, Batangas City as part of their world contribution. The chosen site will be developed as a nursery for fry and with the flourishing mangroves, will be an important tidal and wind breaker.

The Starshooters team 75 completed their program in July 19, 2009. It was nice browsing through their FB photos and seeing how they have helped in re-developing the mangrove they visited in Batangas.

Looking good, Val, Cathy, Carmen and team! :-) Keep on shooting, starshooters!

Boat on

Boat on

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