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Ingredients for a Happy Life of Purpose

ka edong/ August 27, 2012/ Personal Development/ 1 comments

I attended The Feast yesterday at the PICC. It was the afternoon session that starts at 3:45pm with a Catholic mass and is followed by a message by Bro. Alvin Barcelona. The message was the fourth part of the “Younique” series entitled “Youmission” (Parts 1-3 were yourpersonality, yourbirthorder, yourchildhood). I was blessed by Bro Alvin’s talk, and I’d like to

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The Secret Behind the Secret: Com…

ka edong/ July 24, 2012/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

It is the secret behind the secret. It is the secret behind getting everything we ever wanted in life. It’s something I’ve read about, it’s something I’ve tried out in the past, it’s something that creates amazing results, it’s something that helps me move forward to success faster and more easily. It’s something that I continue to practice to make my

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The Art of Flow

ka edong/ July 7, 2012/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

I’ve been investing a lot of my time and energy on my blogs the past weeks. I feel it’s they’ve been like an un-attended house that was rotting away. Now that I’ve allowed myself to just be the person God wants me to be, it’s liberating ;-) . I’m loving it, and I’m staying with it. The needed push A

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How I Discovered the Good Life

ka edong/ July 4, 2012/ Personal Development/ 12 comments

I was okay. I looked okay, I acted okay. I sounded okay. But “okay” sucks.  Because my “okay” was crumpled and broken. Are  you “okay” my friend? Or are you truly happy-okay? Listen to yourself closely, see yourself in the mirror. Is that a happy person in front of you? Let me share how I turned from crumpled-broken-“okay” to being

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Tips to Getting Clean (Part 1 – Externally)

ka edong/ July 2, 2012/ Personal Development/ 1 comments

I wrote an article about Tips to Getting Clear. Today I write about Getting Clean. Just as an aside, just allowing myself to share … (hahaha, this is a funny struggle between “no need to explain” and “let your readers know”) … I feel there’s so much more I can share about these topics like Getting Clear and Getting Clean.

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Success Is Not An Act But A Habit

ka edong/ January 16, 2012/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

Good habits breed success. I attended The Feast yesterday. It was the second of four talks in the series “Overhaul: Change your life in 30 days”. The four talks: Purpose, Plan, Practice, Produce. While Alvin Barcelona gave the talk, I was inspired to reflect about my own habits. Here’s an excerpt from The Feast newsletter from the Founder, Bo Sanchez:

Your Hair Is Green!

ka edong/ November 1, 2011/ Personal Development/ 2 comments

I’d like to share a lesson I learned from my training mentor, Greg Forbes. Greg shares this message in the PSI seminar. There is nothing anybody can say or do that will make you feel bad unless you allow. If somebody walked up to you and told you “Your hair is green”, how would you react? Would you say: “Oh

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