You've got hurdles to face

5 Challenge Questions You Must Hurdle to Fulfill Your Goals

Are you willing to face the challenges of going for your goal? If you can answer these 5 challenge questions, then you’re off to a good start!

In a previous article, I shared about “You’ve Got Goal Getting All Wrong! Here’s How to Fix It.”. I discussed the powerful tools we use in our Goal Fulfilment programs that can help you reach your goals faster, easier.

Now maybe you’re just about to start writing your goal. Or maybe you’ve written your goals. There are five challenge questions that you must ask to put power behind your goal.

If you fail to ask these questions, your goal statement may be too flimsy, misdirected, or even impossibly ambitious beyond natural reach. Or worse, you just might reach your goal and discover that you set your sights too low, or that it isn’t really what you want in life.

As you consider your life, here are five questions you must ask yourself to put power behind your goal. The last is the clincher. If you want true power to be built into your goal, you will need to set aside time to DO the last challenge.

Challenge Questions to Ask Yourself

1.) “What is my goal?”

Your “What” is your vehicle. It is what you will aim for as you move from where you are to where you want to be. It is not just a destination. It is a new person that you aim to BE.

When you choose to put up a business, to write a book, or run a marathon, remember that it is just an *expression* of what you offer to this world.

You've got hurdles to face

2.) “Why is this goal important to me?”

If your goal is to be an architect because your father wants you to be an architect, will you have true fulfillment in becoming an architect? If your goal is to run the business of your grandfather, will that bring you true joy? If you’ll be happy, good. If not, you need to catch yourself, you’ll need to know if your goal is someone else’s goal.

And you have two choices: (a) suck it up and accept in mind and heart that there is something to gain from this sacrifice, or (b) change goal.

On the other hand, if your goal is truly coming from your being, your heart will know. Is your goal a deeply set inexplicable desire? Is it an advocacy? Is it a calling? Is it what your experiences in life have led you to pursue?

“Why is this goal important to me?”

When you answer this question, does your mind, heart, body embrace the answer? Your heart knows when your entire being is aligned with your goal,

3.) “What am I willing to sacrifice to reach my goal?”

Going for your goal requires you to do something different. If by going for your goal you won’t be changing anything in what you do, it ain’t a goal. It is just a continuation (an eventuality) of what you are already currently doing.

To reach for your goals, it is imperative that you change something. In fact, you will need to sacrifice many things to reach your goals. You may need to sacrifice sleep, social media time, that snooze button, TV, that extra expense. What are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goal?

When an Olympic athlete receives finally is on the podium to receive his gold medal, he is brought to tears. It is not because he will receive some cash prize or endorsement.

It is because it this medal symbolizes the payoff for all the sacrifices that he had made on his path to win the medal. All the early morning training, the aches and pains, the events missed because he was in training, the late nights of studying to catch up with school work. He is crying because all his hard work has transformed him enough to be given that gold medal.

Hidilyn Diaz wins Olympic Medal

Hidilyn Diaz wins Olympic Medal

What are you willing to sacrifice?

4.) “What values do I develop by going for my goal?”

Are you going for a championship to develop discipline? Are you aiming for that sales target to exhibit service? Are you aiming for that trip incentive as an expression of your love for your family?

This. This is what makes you a winner no matter what. When every step of the way, every sacrifice you make, every new thing you try, every old thing (that works) you persist on — when you are doing all these things and you focus on the values that you are developing, then you are a winner every step of the way.

5.) “What is your purpose in life?”

What is my “why”? What is your reason for existing? This is an existential question that most people won’t ever find the answer. Most people won’t even ask themselves this question.

But you are different. Because you have come this far and you are meant for greatness! What is your “why”? What is your reason for existing?

This is where I give you the clincher. Would you like to discover your life’s purpose in as little as 20 minutes?

The following exercise will help you tap into your innermost purpose in life.

All you need is private time and space alone, a piece of paper (or journal) and a pen. You’re going to hand write your answers to a question. You will keep handwriting your answer to the same question. Sometimes your answer will repeat, maybe with a slight change from previous. The key is to just keep writing, keep answering.

At a certain point, probably after you’ve answered more than 48 times or even after 97 times, your heart will know that you’ve discovered your purpose. Because you will feel something very different. An inner peace that nobody else can question. Because your heart knows.

Get ready with your paper and pen, get ready to answer a question.

Before I send you off to do this activity on your own, I leave you with a gem of inspiration, a video from comedian Michael Jr.

Now, on your piece of paper, at the top of the page, write down this question:

“What is my purpose in life?”

Answer this question again and again, until you get it.

When you’ve answered these five questions, you will have more power behind your goal. If you answer all these questions with your heart, I promise: you will do whatever it takes to reach your goals!

Cheering you on!

Coach Edwin


Image credits: Pixabay, ABS-CBN Sports

Goal Getting Gone Wrong

You’ve Got Goal Getting All Wrong. Here are 4 Critical Things You Must Fix NOW!

Have you ever felt stuck in life?
Have you ever felt there was so much more in life?
Have you ever reached for your dreams, but they seem so far away?

Many people have big dreams for themselves. And after many years, they find themselves still doing the same thing. You’re making little or no progress towards your goals. What’s up with that?

In the past ten years of Life Coaching, I’ve witnessed people go for their goals. And I’ve discovered patterns in goal getting. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

In this article, I share with you the mistakes we make when going for our goals. Moreover, I share powerful tools that can help you overcome these mistakes and make your goals more powerful.

So you can go for your goals and live life to the fullest.

You’ve got Goal Getting all wrong. Let me tell you how.

1.) It’s not your goal.

“Before you climb a ladder,
make sure it’s leaning on the wall
you truly want to climb.”

In our lives, we’ve learned to listen to other people. The problem is, most people don’t know what you truly want in life. Our parents said you need to be a doctor, or a lawyer or a professional. Your teacher said you need to conform to the standards. Your ex- said you’ll never be enough or never be worthy.

Years later, you start to wonder why you’re stuck in a job you don’t like. Or achieving accolades that don’t matter to you.

When you look at your goals, ask yourself: “Why is this important?”

For some people, it will make your parents happy.
For others, your goal is to prove your enemy wrong.
And for others still, you are compensating for something lacking.

If you’re honest enough, you might discover that your goal is NOT important to you at all.
That’s what we call “False Choice”. It wasn’t your true goal after all.

People who pursue False Choice goals may eventually achieve it — but the achievement will be empty. Because your measure of success is based on someone else’s dream.

Sad Goal Getter

Here’s how to fix this. You have to find your True Choice”. When you write your goal, ask yourself:

“Why is this goal truly important to ME?”

Keep asking yourself “Why?”.
If you need to, modify your goal so that it becomes more meaningful for you.
The more honest you are with yourself, the more meaning your goal will have, the more your goal will be your True Choice.

“What is my goal?
Why is this truly important to me?”

2.) Your end-goal ain’t clear.

“If your destination ain’t clear, any road will take you there!”

If you described your goal to someone, will they have a picture of your goal? If not, you’ll want to paint a picture of your goal more specifically. If you don’t have a picture of your goal, how will you know you’ve reached it?

One of the powerful tools we have for this is called SMART-V Goals. Many people have heard about SMART Goals. It stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Risk
  • Time-bound

BONUS: For more details and examples of writing SMART-V Goals, get your FREE Goal Fulfillment Booster Pack, CLICK HERE . 

We’ve added a V to make it SMART-V.
V stands for “Values”

Here’s the powerful Question:

“By going for your goals, what values are you developing?”

Are you developing patience? Discipline? Being Trusting? Embracing your self-worth?
You need to be clear with your values.
This is what will keep you going for your goals despite the obstacles.

3.) Your goal doesn’t challenge you

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it you won’t change you.”

Here’s one measure: Does your goal scare you?
If it doesn’t scare you, you’re short-changing yourself.
You’re going for a goal that’s within your comfort zone.
You’ve got to dream big to attract big resources and open big doors!

We have another tool for this. It’s called BHAG. BHAG stands for “Big Hairy Audacious Goals!”

When a goal is BHAG, it is bigger than anything you’ve ever aimed for before. It’s bigger than what your current self can do. It’s hairy and scary.

BONUS: For more details and examples of writing SMART-V Goals and making them BHAG, get your FREE Goal Fulfillment Booster Pack, CLICK HERE

“Fear is a natural response to stepping towards your true self.”

Wake-up Call

If you have some fear within, that’s a good thing! It means you’re stepping towards your true self! It must be Audacious. It must make some of your friends think: “Really?! You have the gall to think you could achieve that?”

When your goals are BHAG, your body gets goosebumps just by writing your goal. It turns on something powerful within you, makes your heart sing! And THAT is a goal that you know will change you.

Does your goal challenge you? If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
The true joy in you goal getting is that it changes you. You discover something new. You discover a new way of being. You discover a new way of living.


If you’re going for your goals, you’ve got to do something different from what you’ve done in the past. If you’ve read this far, it looks like you’re committed to making something for yourself. I hope these three tools will help you move forward to fulfilling your goals. You owe it to yourself. Do it for yourself.

Do you agree? Disagree? What works for you? Share in the comments section.

Coming up next: How to harness the power that fuels your goal.

Cheering you on!

Coach Edwin


How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur … Without Quitting Your Job

How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur… Without Quitting Your Job

This is an interview of the Digital Solopreneur Allan Ngo with Coach Edwin Soriano. We talk about How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur… Without Quitting Your Job.

We discuss that even before you put up your own business, you need to think of yourself as an Entrepreneur. You need to adopt the mindset and behaviors of Entrepreneurs.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to finally breakthrough the 2 crippling reasons holding you back from entrepreneurship.
  • The REAL meaning of F.E.A.R. (it’s not as scary as you think).
  • The 1 WORD question to ask yourself to see if you’re ready to be an entrepreneur
  • Php 100 Startup: How Edwin sold 100+ donuts a day while studying full-time w/o any business experience
  • How Edwin turned Php 10,000 into his first real estate property.
  • Using the INTRAPRENEUR Method to learn the business mindset while still at work
  • Ecology Check: A step-by-step approach to finding clarity whether to leave your job or not
  • Money Question: How do you know if your financially ready to leave your job?

Click the image below to listen to the interview.

For Success, Clean Up the 4 Critical Areas of Your Life

4 Critical Areas of Your Life to Clean Up To Reach for Goals

“If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.”
– Alex Haditaghi

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
– Paulo Coelho, in The Alchemist

I was recently asked the question: “How do people stay hungry?” “Hungry” in this question refers to “Hungry for who you could be.”

Imagine a journey. A journey from where you Are to where you want to Be. And out there in the distance, you see a series of hills and mountains. You’re preparing your car so you can drive out to the mountain, where you want to Be.

When you choose your destination mountain, that is your GOAL.

There are actions you’ll need to take while on the driver’s seat like stepping on the accelerator pedal, handling the steering wheel, navigating through your windshield, following the traffic signs. All these ACTIONS bring you forward to your goal.

But sometimes, some people can’t move forward as much or as fast as they want. That’s because they have excess baggage weighing them down. Excess baggage keeps you from moving forward. Another word for excess baggage is TRASH. TRASH keeps you from reaching your goals.

And sometimes, some people stop at their tracks. Maybe they realize their destination wasn’t worth the trouble (or the travel). Maybe they realize they didn’t have enough fuel to begin with. The reason for your journey, your BIG WHY is your FUEL for your journey.

Let’s discuss each of those.

Take out the TRASH

In the Pixar movie, “Up”, the lead character Carl sets out to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America and to complete a promise made to his late wife, Ellie.  The thing is, all the balloons in the world could not lift him as he had too much weight with him. For him to fly, he needed to let go of the baggage (the trash) that he had been holding on to for ages. The moment he let go of his baggages, that is when he was able to fly.

There are people who are held back by their excess baggage or simply put, their trash.

“Trash is anything that is keeping you from the only thing that matters . . .this moment, here and now.”
– “Socrates”, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Trash can be in the form of past hurts, worries, negative perceptions, limiting beliefs, pride, lack of forgiveness, secrets, denials and anything that consumes us in a negative way.

So how do you take out the trash?

It starts with being honest to yourself and listing down your trash. This is what we call the “completion list”, a list of unfinished business.

Let me give you some examples, arranging it by the four aspects of man: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.



Go to a full-length mirror. Take a good look at your body. Appreciate your body as part of you that interacts with the real world. When you are physically successful, you are able to do what you need and to do in life.

Now, being totally honest with yourself, is your body able to help you accomplish everything that you want in life? Are there things that can be improved? Things that you’ve always wanted to change?

Some examples of Physical completion list:

  • get a haircut
  • be your ideal weight
  • drink more water
  • get enough sleep
  • wake up earlier
  • eat more nutritious food
  • heal from an ailment

Another way to assess your physical aspect is the physical space where you spend most of your time. For most, this refers to your home or your work space. What needs to be changed or improved in your physical space?

  • tidy-up my workspace
  • get my files organized
  • add plants to my environment
  • improve the lighting of my study / work area
  • ventilate my area
  • remove physical distractions
  • sell or give away barely/rarely used clothes and other household / office items. Make space for new blessings!

As you read through these examples, go ahead and get your journal or a piece of paper. Write down specifically the actions that you want to *do* to be more complete with yourself.



Mental trash includes thoughts you have of the past or of the future. When you dwell on the past or the future, that keeps you away from the present moment. Some examples of mental completion items are:

  • unexpressed thoughts – journal / blog about it (even privately)
  • unexpressed ideas – write it down; discuss with a friend
  • worries – If you can do something about your worries, then do it. If you can’t do anything about your worries, then why worry? Let it go!
  • questions left unanswered — Well, if it’s truly important to you, then go ahead and ask the question! Sometimes you already know the answer, and it’s a matter of accepting it.

To learn more about how Life Coaching can help you work on your completion list, visit:


Most of us have this. We have extreme emotions that trigger our default responses.

  • unexpressed secrets – disclose to a safe friend
  • unexpressed forgiveness – forgive (see previous chapter on Forgiveness)
  • unexpressed gratitude – be grateful (see previous chapter on Being Grateful)
  • unexpressed apologies – alam mo na (you know how it goes)
  • addressing extreme emotions – anger, fear, phobia, lack of forgiveness, lack of self-worth; Life Coaching can help you let go of these extreme emotions.


The spiritual aspect of humans connects us to a higher being. Doesn’t matter what you call this, “God”, “Allah”, “Yahweh”, “Abbah”, “Father”. You have your own way of being more successful spiritually.

  • Expressing unconditional love, or Agape — I learned through the PSI Leadership Seminar this principle that unconditional love is the universal goal of any form of spirituality. If so, how can you express unconditional love? To yourself. To your loved ones. To strangers. To your enemies. (see next chapter: Serve)
  • nurturing your self – going to the park, travelling, celebrating
  • nurturing others – rescuing a pet to care for, being kind to others (see previous chapter on Kindness)

Go ahead, make your completion list so that you can take out the trash.

When you review your completion list, some of the items there can take just a few minutes to complete. Maybe it’s just a phone call to your mother, father, sibling or friend. Maybe it’s just a matter of picking up some old stuff and donating or discarding them. Maybe it’s just a matter of opening your Bible or book and allotting 5 minutes to read today.

Do it. Do it soon. Do it quickly. Finish as many completion items as soon as you can. NOW!

“Trash is anything that is keeping you from the only thing that matters . . . this moment, here and now. And when you truly are in the here and now, you’ll be amazed at what you can do, and how well you can do it.”
– “Socrates”, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Is this article useful? Tell me what you think in the comments area of this post. ;-)

This article is an excerpt from our book “You Can Be Happy Again!” Get your copy here:


Forty One Reminders for My Children

I wrote a couple of lists on my 41st birthday.
Forty One habilins for my children:
  1. be kind – it’s the language of love.
  2. forgive – it’s good for you
  3. laugh. Laugh at yourself!
  4. share – impart of yourself
  5. travel – widen your world. widen your understanding.
  6. ask – be a lifelong learner
  7. give – just give
  8. save – so you can give later
  9. embrace a lot
  10. help – because everybody needs some
  11. enjoy food and conversations – it’s not the eating. It’s the connecting.
  12. pray
  13. cry – let it flow naturally. Tears express what words cannot.
  14. forgive – yes, it’s good for you.
  15. embrace
  16. run – good for body, good for heart, good for mind
  17. write – Capture your thoughts. So that you remember. Make it a gift to the world.
  18. read – learn from others
  19. love – the only answer
  20. cry – yup
  21. sing! – double praise
  22. worship – not for anyone. Worship doesn’t change God. Worship changes you.
  23. love – the only other answer
  24. travel
  25. smile
  26. greet people. Go first.
  27. let someone pass ahead of you
  28. love
  29. stay connected with family.
  30. make new friends
  31. accept – that you can’t change everything. You can change yourself.
  32. say sorry. Sincerely
  33. respect – everybody is on a journey.
  34. let go – we’ll need to, anyway
  35. take a stand – make your opinion matter
  36. make things better – no complaints. Just make things better
  37. laugh – out loud, even
  38. fast – empty yourself to fill-up with God’s love. Rise-up with God’s love.
  39. travel –
  40. love
  41. love
When I wrote the above list a few hours ago, I started to cry. And I just let it flow. I guess it gave me a sense of mortality, also a sense of what is important to me. I also wanted to add “have kittens”. But the list was filled-in na with love. I guess “have kittens” is part of love. ;-)

Tell her off, Teach her a lesson, Then Ask her Help

Some time ago, I went to an office of my bank, BPI. I went to file an application, the approval of which was at the discretion of the manager I wanted to meet.

I got ready to make my pitch, reviewed what I wanted to tell the manager.

And then a lady named Tiffany came to assist me.
After greeting me, she said: “Sir, parang na-meet ko na kayo.”
And then she said she was Continue reading Tell her off, Teach her a lesson, Then Ask her Help

Ingredients for a Happy Life of Purpose

I attended The Feast yesterday at the PICC. It was the afternoon session that starts at 3:45pm with a Catholic mass and is followed by a message by Bro. Alvin Barcelona.

The message was the fourth part of the “Younique” series entitled “Youmission” (Parts 1-3 were yourpersonality, yourbirthorder, yourchildhood).

I was blessed by Bro Alvin’s talk, and I’d like to share some notes from the talk.

Ka Edong and Bro Alvin Barcelona: Extremely Loving and Passionate teachers we are!

Ka Edong and Bro Alvin Barcelona: Extremely Loving and Passionate teachers we are!

Bow, Arrow, Target

The talk began with a metaphor of an archer. I am an archer with Continue reading Ingredients for a Happy Life of Purpose

Incoming search terms:

The Secret Behind the Secret: Com…

It is the secret behind the secret. It is the secret behind getting everything we ever wanted in life. It’s something I’ve read about, it’s something I’ve tried out in the past, it’s something that creates amazing results, it’s something that helps me move forward to success faster and more easily. It’s something that I continue to practice to make my life work 100% .

It  is called Completion. 

I first encountered the term “Completion” when I took my Starshooters seminar in 2007. We called it the completion exercise. In essence, Completion is closing any loose ends in our lives. Loose ends include things like:

  • cleaning up our work area
  • paying debts
  • forgiving a friend
  • asking forgiveness from a friend
  • letting go of old clothes
  • letting go of old love letters from past relationships
Take out the Trash

Take out the Trash (photo via Mars Hill)

Continue reading The Secret Behind the Secret: Com…

Incoming search terms:

NLP Certified Practitioners Rezza, Becca, PJ, Carelle, Red, Edwin - Angas (Boy Band), Courageous (Super Heroes), Quirky (Power Puff Girls!), Happiness and Love

More Happiness, Success, Love and Breakthroughs with NLP

“Ano ba ‘yang NLP na ‘yan?”

I took an NLP Practitioner Certification a few months back. When people ask me about the NLP Certification, I tell them one word: Healing.

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is how we use our mind and language to manage the way we think, feel and act. I’ve experience NLP. It is very very likely that you too have experienced NLP in your life, and you just don’t know it. Afterall, NLP is founded on a science that studies how to develop human excellence through modeling.

NLP is also known as the science of making people fall in love with you! ;-)

I first encountered NLP in 2007 through what I heard from my friends. Like fellow-PSI grad, Starshooters coach and corporate trainer Raju Mandhyan. I also read about NLP, particularly from motivational speaker Tony Robbins (although he calls it by a different name).

NLP Training

I am part of training group called Train Station Inc. One of the foundations of Train Station is NLP. We teach some principles of NLP to our training participants to help them be more effective communicators. We help our participants in relating better to their colleagues, bosses, direct-reports, customers/clients. Of course, the same skills can improve communication with loved ones as well.

NLP Certified Practitioners Rezza, Becca, PJ, Carelle, Red, Edwin - Angas (Boy Band), Courageous (Super Heroes), Quirky (Power Puff Girls!), Happiness and Love

Angas (Boy Band), Courageous (Super Heroes), Quirky (Power Puff Girls!), Happiness and Love (As our natural selves) – NLP Certified Practitioners Rezza, Becca, Sarah, PJ, Carelle, Red, Edwin

When we took our 5-day NLP Certification, we went through Continue reading More Happiness, Success, Love and Breakthroughs with NLP

Incoming search terms:

The Art of Flow

I’ve been investing a lot of my time and energy on my blogs the past weeks. I feel it’s they’ve been like an un-attended house that was rotting away. Now that I’ve allowed myself to just be the person God wants me to be, it’s liberating ;-) . I’m loving it, and I’m staying with it.

The needed push

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Ala ParedesDaily Portrait. Wow! She was doing portraits – mostly water c0lor, mostly self-portraits – on a daily basis. I was impressed with the discipline. I was particularly struck when I read about Ala’s rule about her daily portrait: She paints something each and every day, regardless of her availability of time, resources or energy. She replied to me via Twitter: “If it’s important to you, you will make time.”

I like this updated frame of mind for my Daily Blogpost. It’s the discipline of writing each and every day.

Ala Paredes' 365 before 30

Ala Paredes’ 365 before 30 (


When I first set-up PasikBlogan, my purpose was a couple of things. First was to challenge myself to Continue reading The Art of Flow