Forty One Reminders for My Children

I wrote a couple of lists on my 41st birthday.
Forty One habilins for my children:
  1. be kind – it’s the language of love.
  2. forgive – it’s good for you
  3. laugh. Laugh at yourself!
  4. share – impart of yourself
  5. travel – widen your world. widen your understanding.
  6. ask – be a lifelong learner
  7. give – just give
  8. save – so you can give later
  9. embrace a lot
  10. help – because everybody needs some
  11. enjoy food and conversations – it’s not the eating.
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The Kindness Epidemic

As I write, one of my casual status messages is spreading through facebook like an epidemic. And I love it! :D

When I rode a cab yesterday, I had such a wonderful experience. I thought I’d share it as part of my #KindnessEpidemic album on facebook.

Ryo Aki Taxi Kindness

Ryo Aki Taxi Kindness

Around 30 hours after uploading 2 photos, the story has been shared more than 3,000 times. Not bad for a So while we’re here, it’s about time I write about the #KindnessEpidemic ;-)

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Pangalang Pinoy by edWIN S. Soriano

Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

Rezza and I were the Valle Verde country club this morning for Day 2 of our Easter Retreat dubbed “Total – Secrets of big returns“. This is a retreat by the Light of Jesus led by Bo Sanchez.

The retreat covered the topics: “Give Total”, “Give Time”, “Give Talents” and “Give Tythes”.

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How to make problems disappear

How to make flies problems disappear

I was meditating this morning at Salcedo Park when a woman approached me and asked: “Can you give me money?” Hahaha! I told her to go away!!! (kidding!) After my meditation, the woman – Tweet Sering – came back from her walk and we chatted.

I know she was bothered by the flies hovering around us. I too was bothered by the flies especially during my meditation (at one point, the flies were on my face).… Continue reading ...

Dance your Heart Out!

David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might … – 2 Samuel 6:14

How much commitment do you give to what you do?
Do you give just enough? Or do you give all you’ve got?

Have you seen people who do their job just because they have to? You will feel how un-committed they are to their job. You see it on their sad zombie face.… Continue reading ...