Forty One Reminders for My Children

I wrote a couple of lists on my 41st birthday.
Forty One habilins for my children:
  1. be kind – it’s the language of love.
  2. forgive – it’s good for you
  3. laugh. Laugh at yourself!
  4. share – impart of yourself
  5. travel – widen your world. widen your understanding.
  6. ask – be a lifelong learner
  7. give – just give
  8. save – so you can give later
  9. embrace a lot
  10. help – because everybody needs some
  11. enjoy food and conversations – it’s not the eating. It’s the connecting.
  12. pray
  13. cry – let it flow naturally. Tears express what words cannot.
  14. forgive – yes, it’s good for you.
  15. embrace
  16. run – good for body, good for heart, good for mind
  17. write – Capture your thoughts. So that you remember. Make it a gift to the world.
  18. read – learn from others
  19. love – the only answer
  20. cry – yup
  21. sing! – double praise
  22. worship – not for anyone. Worship doesn’t change God. Worship changes you.
  23. love – the only other answer
  24. travel
  25. smile
  26. greet people. Go first.
  27. let someone pass ahead of you
  28. love
  29. stay connected with family.
  30. make new friends
  31. accept – that you can’t change everything. You can change yourself.
  32. say sorry. Sincerely
  33. respect – everybody is on a journey.
  34. let go – we’ll need to, anyway
  35. take a stand – make your opinion matter
  36. make things better – no complaints. Just make things better
  37. laugh – out loud, even
  38. fast – empty yourself to fill-up with God’s love. Rise-up with God’s love.
  39. travel –
  40. love
  41. love
When I wrote the above list a few hours ago, I started to cry. And I just let it flow. I guess it gave me a sense of mortality, also a sense of what is important to me. I also wanted to add “have kittens”. But the list was filled-in na with love. I guess “have kittens” is part of love. ;-)

The Kindness Epidemic

As I write, one of my casual status messages is spreading through facebook like an epidemic. And I love it! :D

When I rode a cab yesterday, I had such a wonderful experience. I thought I’d share it as part of my #KindnessEpidemic album on facebook.

Ryo Aki Taxi Kindness

Ryo Aki Taxi Kindness

Around 30 hours after uploading 2 photos, the story has been shared more than 3,000 times. Not bad for a So while we’re here, it’s about time I write about the #KindnessEpidemic ;-)

What is the #KindnessEpidemic Continue reading The Kindness Epidemic

Pangalang Pinoy by edWIN S. Soriano

Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

Rezza and I were the Valle Verde country club this morning for Day 2 of our Easter Retreat dubbed “Total – Secrets of big returns“. This is a retreat by the Light of Jesus led by Bo Sanchez.

The retreat covered the topics: “Give Total”, “Give Time”, “Give Talents” and “Give Tythes”.

Today, BGC Feast builder George Gabriel was sharing a message about giving Glory to our good God by giving our talents.

Your talents are God’s gift to you. How you use your Talents is your gift to God.

At one point, George asked for volunteers to go up near the stage in front of an audience of 1,000+ people. Without hesitation, I ran from the back row all the way to the front. All seven of us volunteers were lined up facing the audience as if we were in a game show :D . George approached me first and asked this question: “What is your talent?

I wasn’t ready for the question. I hesitated. First thing I thought was to be funny: “Kaya kong kumain ng Continue reading Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

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How to make problems disappear

How to make flies problems disappear

I was meditating this morning at Salcedo Park when a woman approached me and asked: “Can you give me money?” Hahaha! I told her to go away!!! (kidding!) After my meditation, the woman – Tweet Sering – came back from her walk and we chatted.

I know she was bothered by the flies hovering around us. I too was bothered by the flies especially during my meditation (at one point, the flies were on my face). I took this as a challenge as I recalled this video of Fly and Samurai.

And truly in my meditation, the flies disappeared.

When we stop, reflect, visualize, we can make problems turn into opportunities. And then the problems disappear.

ka edong

Dance your Heart Out!

David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might … – 2 Samuel 6:14

How much commitment do you give to what you do?
Do you give just enough? Or do you give all you’ve got?

Have you seen people who do their job just because they have to? You will feel how un-committed they are to their job. You see it on their sad zombie face. You can hear their words of complaint. You see their lack of commitment with the poor results of their work. You can even feel their negative energy. They have no commitment nor love for what they do.

I was watching an episode from America’s Best Dance Crew where the dance groups were asked to choreograph moves inspired by Michael Jackson. In that episode, I learned a new way to describe the power I feel when I watch Michael Jackson:

“When Michael Jackson makes a move, he gives his full commitment to it.
He puts his whole mind, soul and being into that one single move.
And then you can feel his love and energy.”

How can we experience this kind of commitment, love and energy in our daily life? Continue reading Dance your Heart Out!

Let your beingness shine through

Tonight, I was at a PSI Coffee. It’s an activity that we conduct to orient guests, family and friends about what we experienced in the PSI Leadership and Success Seminar.

One part of the coffee is self-introductions. Our format for self-introductions is …

  • say your name
  • what company/school/group we’re connected with
  • what we do (position, work etc.)
  • our hobbies and
  • what we want most out of life

Everybody in the room introduces themselves. And here’s a lesson I learned from fellow-PSI graduate, Jojo Hizon.

Sole Academy

Sole Academy

In his introduction, he mentioned the name of his company “Sole Academy” 5 times within his 1 minute introduction. He was being funny about it when he mentioned “Sole Academy” and later said “Did I mention Sole Academy?” all within the first 15 seconds of his introduction. He even wore his logo on his shirt.

Later that evening, he spoke again to share his personal experience about PSI. And guess how he ended his sharing. His story ended with a pause, and then he spoke the words: “Sole Academy”.

I found it funny. And insightful as well! Here is a business owner who has poured out his time and energy into a new business. And his entire being speaks of how proud he is of his company. He speaks of (and promotes) his business with his entire being.

Soul Academy

Right now, in this school called LIFE , what is the BEINGNESS that shines through with our words and our actions … with our every BEING? Continue reading Let your beingness shine through

A better version of WIIFM, anyone?

PasikBlogan Challenge #7: So many questions?
Have you ever written a blog of questions? Game? All sentences must end with a question mark … ?


Have you heard of the term “WIIFM”? Do you know it stands for “What’s In It For Me”?

Have you observed that it’s often used when the “Buyer” is considering whether or not he’s going to “buy-in” on an idea presented to him by the “Seller”?

Is it clear to you that when I say “Buyer” and “Seller”, I refer to products, services and also *ideas* being bought/sold?

Would you believe that I see this question “WIIFM” as a skeptical stance of people as they decide if they want to invest more time, energy or money into what’s being “sold” to them?

Doesn’t that also mean that the “seller” will have to take an active role in selling the product/service/idea? Doesn’t that also mean that it will require a seller’s time, energy or money to be able to sell the product/service/idea?

Reframe, anyone?

What if I told you that there are some ideas that can become sooooo powerful and soooo timely that it wouldn’t require much “selling” and people would still be very willing to buy into it?


Continue reading A better version of WIIFM, anyone?

The power of your name

What names do you use? Be watchful of your thoughts and your feelings about your name(s). The name can empower you or can hurt you.

I know of people named Madz, Germs, Yacky, Wreck. Imagine what kind of thoughts and feelings one would have with these names. Some of them have changed names to more empowering ones.

* * * *

By suggestion of my friend, Ariel, I’ve began spelling my name to be even more empowering. I sign my name now as “edWIN” .

It’s a reminder to Continue reading The power of your name

Passive Influence: Leadership by BEing

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
– Marianne Williamson, “A Return to Love” (Quoted by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 Inaugural Speech)

Ka Edong - Passive Influence is Leadership by BEing

Ka Edong - Passive Influence is Leadership by BEing


I created a term that captures a concept that I’ve been fascinated about for many years now.

The term/concept is “Passive Influence“.

Today, I put my thoughts about this concept into writing. I write this first discourse for some very specific reasons.

First, I want the concept to crystallize further, to firm up further; not just in my mind but in the written word.

Second, I want to trademark and copyright this term/concept because I believe it is an extremely powerful concept that I can build into a global brand. I want to own this term. (For encouraging me to take this to a level of global ownership of this brand, I thank Ariel Manalac, one of the early entrustees of a this idea during its early stages of development).

Third, I write so that I can begin building on the brand and sharing the concept more openly in due time.
In this article, I will discuss “Passive Influence” beginning with deconstructing the term. I will explain Passive Influence further through examples. I also have an initial 3-step framework on what we can do to develop our passive influence. Lastly, I will give a final example of how truly passive “Passive Influence” is.

What is “Passive Influence”?

Continue reading Passive Influence: Leadership by BEing

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