I Conquered: Hong Kong Half Marathon

Wahoooo!!! Today I completed the Standard Chartered Hong Kong (21km, half) Marathon. As with all of my runs, I enjoyed the run the whole time ;-) . Yes, it may hurt sometimes, but it’s all part of the exhilaration of running. It was great news as well that the half-marathon champion is a Pinoy. Still trying to track down his name. Go go go, Pilipinas!

Ka Edong sa Hong Kong Marathon

Ka Edong sa Hong Kong Marathon

I wanted to share some experiences about the run, especially in comparison to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I did the Singapore marathon (yes, 42Km of it) in December 2, 2007.


Singapore: flat; asphalt and concrete.

Hong Kong: “Urban Hilly”  – This is how I describe having to go up the elevated highways, down (and up) the tunnels (yes, there were two tunnels!), and just when we thought we were all done with the uphill climbs there was just one more more climb towards the last 2kms before the finish line. Mostly asphalt. There were many instances of banked roads — runners with weak ankles better be careful.

By the way, the first 5 kilometers of the half-marathon were very Continue reading I Conquered: Hong Kong Half Marathon