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HALIKA-Book Review: Where book-lovers kiss and hug

ka edong/ October 24, 2012/ Books/ 0 comments

It happened so fast, I must pause and smell the pages. ;-) Allow me to share with you what HALIKA-Book Swap/Sale is all about, what HALIKA-Book stands for, our experience in the first HALIKA-Book and an announcement of our 2nd HALIKA-Book. Book Swap/Sale The idea of a Book Swap and Book Sale was born when Raju Mandhyan and I happened

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Halika-Book Sale/Swap! Re-circulate your pre-loved books

ka edong/ October 20, 2012/ Books/ 0 comments

For more details and updates, visit the Halika-book facebook event page. I’m sure you’re like me, with many books in our shelves that have never been read for more than a year now. I ask of you, re-circulate them! ;-) Here’s what I believe about letting go of books you haven’t touched in years. We’re putting together a book swapping event.

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Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

ka edong/ April 7, 2012/ Books, Passive Influence, pinoy/ 0 comments

Rezza and I were the Valle Verde country club this morning for Day 2 of our Easter Retreat dubbed “Total – Secrets of big returns“. This is a retreat by the Light of Jesus led by Bo Sanchez. The retreat covered the topics: “Give Total”, “Give Time”, “Give Talents” and “Give Tythes”. Today, BGC Feast builder George Gabriel was sharing

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Books to Lend, Books to Sell

ka edong/ February 1, 2010/ Books/ 24 comments

Update (July 26, 2012): If you wish to join the book swap, send an email to edwin.soriano @ with Subject: “I am a Book Swap Seller” or “I am a Book Swap Buyer”. To my dear personal friends, I have this principle that if I hadn’t used something for more than 2 years, it’s best to pass it on

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Who wants? Personal Development for Smart People!

ka edong/ October 13, 2008/ Books/ 1 comments

I got an awesome surprise via postal mail today. It was an package. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was really for me. I couldn’t recall making a recent order. When I opened the package, I was like a little boy finding a toy robot in a birthday gift box. I couldn’t hide my delight, and I want

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