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What I Learned from the Bo Sanchez Bestselling Authors Bootcamp

I got off a cramped van which took me from Taft to Tagaytay together with two teachers and a family of three mothers, 2 teenagers and 4 toddlers. Onwards, I hauled myself, my trolley bag and my shoulder bag (heavy with notebooks, books and a laptop) into a tricycle that would take me to the hotel amidst the cool Wednesday morning air of Tagaytay.

I felt tired from the trip, but absolutely upbeat as I walked with a skippity-skip to the conference room. In this room I would spend the next four days learning from the masters.

I felt it was destiny that brought me here. I was at Bo Sanchez’s Bestselling Authors Bootcamp.

I had the awesome opportunity to spend 4-days in Tagaytay with 45+ participants, all Bestselling Authors in the making. I attended through the help of my friend and co-author Jhet Van Ruyven. My task is to learn as much as I can at the bootcamp and publish our Success journal with Jhet. And I was raring to go!

It was a jam packed 4-days. Let me summarize my experience with the 5 Things I Love about the Bestselling Authors Bootcamp. Continue reading What I Learned from the Bo Sanchez Bestselling Authors Bootcamp

HALIKA-Book Review: Where book-lovers kiss and hug

It happened so fast, I must pause and smell the pages. ;-)

Allow me to share with you what HALIKA-Book Swap/Sale is all about, what HALIKA-Book stands for, our experience in the first HALIKA-Book and an announcement of our 2nd HALIKA-Book.

Book Swap/Sale

The idea of a Book Swap and Book Sale was born when Raju Mandhyan and I happened to chat with Fitz Villafuerte and Scott Dowd at the Money Summit. “Wouldn’t it be great to bring together some friends, ask them to bring their personal development books and just swap books one lovely afternoon?” That idea grew bigger and bigger towards becoming an event with speakers, food booths, consigners, clowns, fire-breathers and all the bells and whistles. 3 months after, still no book swap.

So I said, let’s just make this happen, no matter how simple. Thus, within 2 weeks, we organized the first Book Swap. And we named it HALIKA-Book Swap/Sale.

Halika-book Sale and Swap

Halika-book Sale and Swap

HALIKA-Book What?

HALIKA-Book is a play of words. It can mean many things.  Continue reading HALIKA-Book Review: Where book-lovers kiss and hug

Halika-Book Sale/Swap! Re-circulate your pre-loved books

For more details and updates, visit the Halika-book facebook event page.

I’m sure you’re like me, with many books in our shelves that have never been read for more than a year now.

I ask of you, re-circulate them! ;-) Here’s what I believe about letting go of books you haven’t touched in years.

We’re putting together a book swapping event. Do join us:

Halika-book Sale and Swap

Halika-book Sale and Swap


For more details and updates, visit the Halika-book facebook event page.

Want to be a seller? You’ll get a table and space for your books. Register at

Continue reading Halika-Book Sale/Swap! Re-circulate your pre-loved books

Incoming search terms:

Pangalang Pinoy by edWIN S. Soriano

Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

Rezza and I were the Valle Verde country club this morning for Day 2 of our Easter Retreat dubbed “Total – Secrets of big returns“. This is a retreat by the Light of Jesus led by Bo Sanchez.

The retreat covered the topics: “Give Total”, “Give Time”, “Give Talents” and “Give Tythes”.

Today, BGC Feast builder George Gabriel was sharing a message about giving Glory to our good God by giving our talents.

Your talents are God’s gift to you. How you use your Talents is your gift to God.

At one point, George asked for volunteers to go up near the stage in front of an audience of 1,000+ people. Without hesitation, I ran from the back row all the way to the front. All seven of us volunteers were lined up facing the audience as if we were in a game show :D . George approached me first and asked this question: “What is your talent?

I wasn’t ready for the question. I hesitated. First thing I thought was to be funny: “Kaya kong kumain ng Continue reading Easter Rebirth: New Name, New Meaning

Incoming search terms:

Books to Lend, Books to Sell

Update (July 26, 2012): If you wish to join the book swap, send an email to edwin.soriano @ with Subject: “I am a Book Swap Seller” or “I am a Book Swap Buyer”.

To my dear personal friends,

I have this principle that if I hadn’t used something for more than 2 years, it’s best to pass it on to other people who could make good use of it.

While I was cleaning my house before the new year, I noticed that some of my books haven’t been re-read for more than 2 years.

Some of these books I bought at the bookstore or at the book sale. Some are books given to me that I’ve read many years ago.  Some are books that I truly cherish and want to keep for future re-reading, but would like lend to other people who would want to borrow.

Books are meant to be read, not kept.

Thus, I present to you a few books to lend and a few books to sell. This is an experiment. When this is done, I’ll tell you what worked and what didn’t work. And I’ll encourage you to lend your books and sell your books as well :-) .

My list of books to Lend includes:
To Lend for 2 months
  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  2. The heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard
  3. Staying Up, up, up in a down down world – Zig Ziglar – Love Joy
  4. Strengths Finder by Tom Rath — Tristan
  5. The Journeys of Socrates – Dan Millman
  6. Developing the Leader Within by John C. Maxwell
  7. Only The Real Matters by Francis Kong – Mimel
  8. The Heart of Humor – Raju Mandhyan
  9. Getting Things Done – David Allen
  10. Brillant NLP – Tristan
  11. Pera Mo Palaguin mo 1 – Francisco J. Colayco
  12. Pera Mo Palaguin mo 2 – Francisco J. Colayco
  13. Why we want you to be Rich – Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki (hardbound) – Cla
  14. Personal Development for Smart People – Steve Pavlina (hardbound) – JP
  15. The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield (hardbound)
List of Books to Sell includes:

Each at 50 – 250 pesos or more

  1. The Wealthy Barber – Chilton
  2. Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino – Bob Ong
  3. The Project 50 – Tom Peters
  4. Iacocca, an Autobiography – Lee Iacocca
  5. The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom – Suze Orman – Cla
  6. 67 Success Stories — Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines – Lulu
  7. Eleven Minutes – Paolo Coellho – Gigi
  8. Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coellho – Gigi
  9. For One More Day – Mitch Albom – Mimel
  10. The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom – Mimel
  11. Riches in Foreclosures – Dinna Revilla
  12. How to be Really Really Happy – Bo Sanchez
  13. You Can Make your life beautiful by Bo Sanchez
  14. Grow Rich Pinoy! – Larry Gamboa
  15. Cashflow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki (ripped copy)
  16. Getting things done – Robert Allen
  17. The Project 50 – Tom Peters
    Each at 5 pesos and Up
  18. 14,000 things to be happy about – Cla
  19. Man of Purpose
  20. God’s little instruction book for leaders
  21. 500 Ways to Change the World – Mimel
  22. Organize your Business Travel
  23. A life God Rewards – Wil Kenyon
  24. God’s Little Devotional Book
  25. What are you Afraid of? – Plonka
  26. Another Shot – Joe Kita
  27. 50 ways to a better life – Andrew Sercombe
  28. Stress Free Life – Sandeep Narayan
  29. Winning Ways – Dick Lyle
  30. Leadership is an Art – Max DePree
  31. The Moon by Whale Light
  32. A Penny Saved – Neal S. Godfrey
  33. How to Develop Self-confidence for Success – PC Ganesan
  34. Get a Financial Life – Beth Kobliner
  35. Use the News – Maria Bartiromo
  36. Internet Jobs for the Rest of Us – Deborah Gallant
  37. A Still Small Voice – Echo Bodine
  38. Youngblood 2.0 – Aruta De Vera
  39. Network your way to your next job – Lowstuter, Robertson
  40. Rizal is my President. 40 Leadership Tips from Jose Rizal  – Almonte (with autographs from the cast of the stage play)
  41. Life is an Attitude – Dottie Billington

Take a look at the books below and see if anything interests you.
Click on the image to zoom in,
or visit the original post at .

Books to Lend, Books to Sell

Books to Lend, Books to Sell

How it works:

  1. The books to Lend are only open to my personal friends. I will Lend you any 1 or 2 books for 2 months.
  2. In exchange, I will ask you to buy at least Three (3) of the books in the Sell Section.
    I’ll give you a fourth book for free.
  3. Prices of books in the Sell Section are between P5 to P250 or more (negotiable).
    Name your books and let’s find a win-win price. Madali ako kausap :-) .
  4. First come, first served. Leave a comment of the titles you want for yourself.
  5. *Pick-up only* in Makati area

Why am I doing this?

  1. I want to make space for newer books for me to read.
  2. I want to spread the wealth — Books were meant to be read, not kept.
    Better that they be read by someone who’ll find them useful.
  3. I sell some of my books (as low as P5!) just to make sure that the people who will buy it really want to have it and not get it just because it’s free.

Last notes

  1. If you are a personal friend, you gave me a book and you find it in the list above — fret not, my friend.
    This is my way of sharing to others what you’ve shared to me in the past.
  2. I encourage you, my friends, to share your books as well. Books are meant to be read, not kept.
  3. List of books subject to change without prior notice.

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bookshelf refresh

Who wants? Personal Development for Smart People!

I got an awesome surprise via postal mail today. It was an package. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was really for me. I couldn’t recall making a recent order.

When I opened the package, I was like a little boy finding a toy robot in a birthday gift box. I couldn’t hide my delight, and I want to share it with you!

I received three copies of Steve Pavlina’s book “Personal Development for Smart People – The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth”

Steve Pavlina's "Personal Development for Smart People"

Steve Pavlina - Personal Development for Smart People

Wahoo! I was so excited to read the book, I started browsing through the pages and Continue reading Who wants? Personal Development for Smart People!