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What I Learned from the Bo Sanchez Bestselling Authors Bootcamp

I got off a cramped van which took me from Taft to Tagaytay together with two teachers and a family of three mothers, 2 teenagers and 4 toddlers. Onwards, I hauled myself, my trolley bag and my shoulder bag (heavy with notebooks, books and a laptop) into a tricycle that would take me to the hotel amidst the cool Wednesday morning air of Tagaytay.

I felt tired from the trip, but absolutely upbeat as I walked with a skippity-skip to the conference room.… Continue reading ...

HALIKA-Book Review: Where book-lovers kiss and hug

It happened so fast, I must pause and smell the pages. ;-)

Allow me to share with you what HALIKA-Book Swap/Sale is all about, what HALIKA-Book stands for, our experience in the first HALIKA-Book and an announcement of our 2nd HALIKA-Book.

Book Swap/Sale

The idea of a Book Swap and Book Sale was born when Raju Mandhyan and I happened to chat with Fitz Villafuerte and Scott Dowd at the Money Summit.… Continue reading ...

Halika-Book Sale/Swap! Re-circulate your pre-loved books

For more details and updates, visit theĀ Halika-book facebook event page.

I’m sure you’re like me, with many books in our shelves that have never been read for more than a year now.

I ask of you, re-circulate them! ;-) Here’s what I believe about letting go of books you haven’t touched in years.

We’re putting together a book swapping event. Do join us:

Halika-book Sale and Swap

Halika-book Sale and Swap


For more details and updates, visit the Halika-book facebook event page.… Continue reading ...