Three Ways to Lead Like a Swordsman

Three Ways to Lead Like a Swordsman

“Whatever it is that you do, you are influencing people.”
Lessons From the Movie “Hero”, Jet Li (2002)

The Movie Hero (2002) starring Jet Li is a classic. Most people who’ve watched it will probably remember the vivid colors in each of the movie’s distinct scenes. Of course, the fight scenes are memorable with its choreography and artistry. The music and cinematography complete this masterpiece of a movie.

After watching it many times as a visual, auditory and heart spectacle, I began to see more clearly the deeper nuances behind the story.… Continue reading ...

8 Techniques to Dissolve Dilemmas and Make Better Decisions

8 Techniques to Dissolve Dilemmas and Make Better Decisions

Have you ever been stuck and not know what to do in life? Are you staying up late trying to run the scenarios through your head? Are you caught in an endless argument with you, yourself and your other self?

Maybe it has to do with your job, maybe with your finances, maybe with your business or even your relationships. Dilemmas can be small like deciding what to wear, or they can be big like deciding whether to sell the company or declare bankruptcy.… Continue reading ...

Ten Nuggets of Wisdom I would Have Loved to Hear When My Wife Left Me

Ten Nuggets of Wisdom I would Have Loved to Hear When My Wife Left Me

It’s been ten years since I first set out to forgive my wife. At that time, we were in a 13-year relationship. Then she decided to leave me. I was left in the dark, I didn’t understand why she left.

My journey has been like a roller-coaster quest to learn more about myself and how life works.

If I were to tell my younger self some lessons I learned that could possibly help him cope with the break-up, here is what I’d share:

1) Do everything you know to save your marriage.Continue reading ...

You've got hurdles to face

5 Challenge Questions You Must Hurdle to Fulfill Your Goals

Are you willing to face the challenges of going for your goal? If you can answer these 5 challenge questions, then you’re off to a good start!

In a previous article, I shared about “You’ve Got Goal Getting All Wrong! Here’s How to Fix It.”. I discussed the powerful tools we use in our Goal Fulfilment programs that can help you reach your goals faster, easier.

Now maybe you’re just about to start writing your goal.… Continue reading ...

Join us at our upcoming seminar “Find Your Happy!”

At the seminar, you will experience Life Coaching and create breakthroughs in your life. I share some of the powerful techniques that have helped thousands of our clients find more happiness, fulfillment, contentment in their lives.

Maybe you’re good and just want something more, something new in your life. Or maybe you’re struggling … with finances, relationships, your career, your health. The power to move forward is in your hands. The question is HOW?… Continue reading ...